Vowing to change the local music scene, Mainstage Morgantown will open its doors this week, bringing live music, comedy and a more creative, unique entertainment experience.

Nestled in the downtown district beside the traditional Morgantown bar, Chic-N-Bones, the new venue will create an atmosphere where customers can enjoy dining, drinking and live talents.

Adam Payne, talent buyer and production manager for Mainstage Morgantown, said as a music enthusiast himself, he and his partners are completely devoted to Morgantown’s live music scene.

"We are dedicated to listening to what the city wants to hear, both (from students) on campus and (from) the local residents," Payne said.

Payne said the midsize venue offers a lavish space made for hosting larger acts in an ideal location. Mainstage Morgantown will fill the void left by smaller clubs, such as 123 Pleasant Street and Schmitt’s Saloon, which do not have the capacity to house substantial crowds.

"123 Pleasant Street is a legendary rock club and always will be, but the low capacity just cuts a level of acts off that are too big to play in the room," Payne said.

"Schmitt’s Saloon is a great room and has been an instant smash hit night after night, but its location is outside of downtown."

With two stages and more seating than any other live music venue that serves alcohol, Mainstage Morgantown will not only reshape and revamp the downtown music scene, but local businesses as well.

"We will have a level of talent that will bring in lots of out-of-town travelers, which adds to revenue amongst more businesses like hotels, restaurants and more," Payne said.

Mainstage Morgantown recently released its debut set of lineups, which features acts such as Dopapod, Cabinet and Larry Keel Experience. Taking the stage on August 20, Keller Williams and The Keels will celebrate Mainstage Morgantown’s grand opening night with a crowd that Payne said is sure to be in great spirits.

While Keller Williams and the Keels keeps to a more jam band aesthetic, Payne said genres of all sounds will be showcased at Mainstage Morgantown. The downtown venue will combine an eclectic mix of acts such as rock, hip-hop, electronic, bluegrass and folk.

"We even plan on comedy and burlesque shows in the future," Payne said.

"We want to offer Morgantown a total live entertainment experience they have never been offered at this level of artists."

Mainstage Morgantown seeks to cater to its guests, as well, offering discounts to students on limited budgets. Typical shows will begin on the second stage, where opening bands will take the stage at 7 p.m. with headliners performing shortly after at 8:45 p.m. in the Mainstage room.

While the first round of shows for Mainstage Morgantown has been released, Payne said the venue’s three biggest shows have yet to be announced. Payne feels with the Morgantown community growing as swiftly as it is, the impact Mainstage Morgantown will have on the local music scene will be huge.

"We will be able to bring more popular acts and mainstream artists we never could have due to the venue capacities being too low," Payne said.

"Not only do we aim to bring top-level talent to Morgantown, we also aim to have top-level hospitality from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave."