Every year I seem to make the same resolution but never accomplish anything.

I end up setting unrealistic goals for myself, such as going to the gym every day and having a super restricted fad diet where, at the end, I feel like I have failed my resolution. This year I’m making smaller changes to live a lifestyle that will positively impact my life and push it in the right direction. These are things that you too can consider doing for your New Year’s resolution.


Drink lots of water. 

Every fitness guru and publication stresses this. Doctors stress this. Water is one of the best things for you. Not only does it give you energy and helps you get the most out of your workouts, but it also helps to flush toxins from your body, which can help clear up your skin.


Switch out that elevator ride for stairs on the way to class. 

WVU’s campus has plenty of stairs, and if you took them everywhere you needed to go you would burn calories without even thinking of it. Although it seems like a large task to tackle, it is a great way to fit exercise into your schedule if you don’t have time to go to the gym.


Stop making food the centerpiece to the majority of your hangouts. 

I always find myself making plans to get breakfast/lunch/dinner with people. I feel that I have more fun and feel better after making plans to work out, go to WVU sporting events or study. By not planning on times when you get to eat, you can focus on eating when you’re truly hungry.


Eat healthier. 

This isn’t saying to diet, but to incorporate healthier options into your meals and learn to eat the sweets and sugar in moderation. This may be achieved through swapping out your side of fries for vegetables or a salad. After analyzing multiple fitness publications, I have come to the conclusion that for many people, diets do not work because once they’re over it is easy to return to the same bad habits that you fell into before and end up gaining the weight back. Also, while working out and burning calories, many feel that they “earned” the right to eat high-calorie foods. However, doing this will only cancel out the hard work they had just put in. So this isn’t a resolution to cut those foods out cold turkey, but to eat them in smaller amounts and less often.


Find a way to work out that you like and stick it out.

There’s no right way to achieve your fitness goals. Use your New Year’s resolution to find out whether you like working out solo, with a friend or with a group. Experiment and discover whether or not you like running, weightlifting or yoga. Working out is more effective when it’s enjoyable because you won’t want to skip it. When I tried doing running as my way of working out I didn’t do it often because I hated it.