The WVU Athletic Trainers Association is the catalyst connecting the University’s athletic training students to the professional world.

“The WVUATA connects current students with alumni, professional organizations and organizations in the community,” said Braeden Carroll, senior and president of WVUATA. “The purpose of this association is to act as a liaison between the professional community and the student body of West Virginia University in order to improve the awareness of athletic training and the interest of the profession in an academic environment."

The WVUATA assists those joining the athletic training program, as well as those already a part of it. These individuals are learning to become health professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage, prevent and aid injuries caused by physical activity.

Aside from giving opportunities to work closely with the student-athletes, WVUATA provides students “with the opportunity to associate with professional members in the athletic training field and to gain a better working knowledge of athletic training by sharing ideas and experiences through conventions, lectures and selected group activities,” Carroll said.

Carroll has been a part of the organization since fall 2016. During his time in WVUATA, he has had several opportunities to work outside of the classroom and make friends who have similar professional interests.

“Through the club, I have been able to build on relationships with other students in the program, provide medical coverage to various marathons around the area and build on connections with staff members,” Carroll said.

WVUATA provides service and medical assistance at local events including marathons and various sporting events.

The organization also holds events to raise money for club funds and its new endowment fund.

“Our clinical director for the past 24 years retired at the end of the year, so we started the Vince Stilger Scholarship foundation and have spent most of the year raising money to start the scholarship,” Carroll said.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the club or the athletic training program, contact Braeden Carroll at or visit the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences’ website.