What better way to kick off a new year than with learning a new skill?

playing the ukulele

Learn to play the ukulele through classes at the CAC!

Both beginner and intermediate ukulele classes are be given at the Creative Arts Center (CAC) from Feb. 3 to March 26. Now, anyone who has ever dreamed of playing ukulele can fulfill their dream within eight weeks.

The class is open to everyone. Students of WVU and beyond are welcome to join, regardless of musical experience. The class instructor, Brandon Morgan, said no one should be intimidated by it.

“Some come in afraid that I’ll bite their head off,” he laughed. “It’s easy for someone with no music experience. We start at the beginning.”

By the end of the eight weeks, there are new bonds that have formed, both with peers and music, Morgan said.

“One kid who, when he first started, was discouraged he wasn’t learning fast enough,” Morgan said. “By the end, he was playing just as well, or if not better, than the others.”

To Morgan, one of the best things about the ukulele lessons is seeing a change in personal growth. 

“One of the best things is seeing a once timid, shy kid turn into an outgoing, talkative student,” Morgan said.

By the end of the program, one can expect to know enough about the ukulele to perform a song that will be sure to impress friends. Morgan even encourages students to suggest songs they would like to learn, both modern and old. After the beginner course, one can join the intermediate class the following semester.

Students can also sign up for private lessons from instructors at the CAC. Instead of the eight-week class, private lessons are more detailed, going for thirteen weeks.

With options ranging from cello to voice, ukulele is only one of the options presented. More information can be found at music.wvu.edu.

Beginner classes are held every Sunday and Tuesday. The class totals to a little under $100, including a processing fee. While this program has already begun, anyone interested has until Tuesday, Feb. 12 to register. To sign-up, contact Karen Taddie; phone, 304-293-6946; email, karen.taddie@mail.wvu.edu; or visit her at the CAC in room 4097.