A new service-based club on campus made its debut at the student organization fair held in the Recreation Center on Wednesday. 

The WVU Medicine and the Arts club is coming to WVU this spring and is looking for members.

“We’re about educating and fostering undergraduate participation in narrative medicine within clinical practices,” said Ty Bayliss, junior and president of the Medicine and the Arts club. “Narrative medicine includes anything from using storytelling, music or art to supplement clinical practices when, say, drug administration and therapy might not be enough.”

WVU Medicine will be using the organization's services, particularly in the cancer center, Bayliss said.

Bayliss also said the club plans to meet with speakers, take part in service and hold art galleries.

Many other charitable organizations were in attendance at the fair.

A Moment of Magic is a nonprofit organization that provides “creative programing to kids who need a little bit more magic,” according to Morgan Lounsbury, costume coordinator of AMOM.

Group members dress up as princesses, fairies and superheroes and visit children, especially those in hospitals.

Not all members have to act, though. Upon joining, each member is a “magic maker,” or someone who helps characters get dressed, introduces them and helps save a situation if something goes wrong.

After a semester in the club, magic makers can choose to audition to become a character or continue to stay behind the scenes.

Before auditioning, characters-in-training must have 40 hours of shadowing and raise $400, Lounsbury said.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Lounsbury said. “It’s totally worth it.”

Both the Medicine and the Arts club and AMOM are engaging students in hard work that comes with a big reward: giving back to the children in the community.

To join, AMOM WVU can be contacted through any of its social media pages. 

The Medicine and the Arts club will be holding its first informational meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday  in Ming Hsieh-126.

Correction: A former version of this article attributed quotes to Marra Sigler, president of AMOM. This is incorrect. Those quotes came from Morgan Lounsbury, costume coordinator of AMOM.