On Wednesday, Gov. Jim Justice invited President Donald Trump to West Virginia to give his State of the Union Address in the State Capitol.

trump digs coal

As the Republican nominee in the 2016 Presidential race, Donald Trump visited West Virginia on May 5, 2016. Trump drew loud applause after trying on a mining helmet.

“I called the President yesterday to convey our invitation for him to come to West Virginia to give the State of the Union Address in our State Capitol,” Justice said in a press release. “Giving the speech in a state full of people who love their country would truly reflect his focus on the forgotten men and women of America.” 

Justice said he discussed the idea with West Virginia House Speaker Roger Hanshaw, R-Clay, before extending the invitation to the President.

“No matter where he chooses to have the speech, I want the President to know that he is always welcome in the great state of West Virginia,” Justice said in the release.

On Jan. 16, newly-elected House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, wrote a letter to Trump asking the President to delay his State of the Union Address until after the partial government shutdown ended. Pelosi cited security concerns due to the U.S. Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security working but not receiving pay during the shutdown. 

Trump and Pelosi traded jabs on Wednesday over the address.

Early in the day, Trump penned a letter to Pelosi saying that he confirmed with the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security that there would be no security concerns regarding the address and that he still planned to come.

Pelosi wrote back to Trump saying the House will not consider a resolution for the address until the government shutdown has ended.

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Joe Severino is a senior Journalism major from Elkins, West Virginia. He is the News Editor for The Daily Athenaeum and interned with the Charleston Gazette-Mail summer 2018.