The WVU women's basketball team will make their second straight appearance in the Women's National Invitation Tournament.

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On Monday night, freshman guard Trey Doomes announced that he was leaving the West Virginia men’s basketball program.

I hoped for, though did not expect, better from the SGA Administration led by the only President in recent memory convicted of outright election fraud. Recent events have rendered that optimism clearly misplaced.

Confusion strikes. Someone please tell me whose idea it was to group the design students in with the agriculture students. All good majors, nonetheless, but why are these associated and grouped under one college “roof?”

Mountie Bounty is a pretty convenient function of our student IDs here at WVU. There are a number of places both on campus and around town that accept it as payment, and not having to carry cash or worry about using one’s debit card can be a real weight off of students’ shoulders. 

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Let’s face it—after a while, the food options found in the Mountainlair and Evansdale Crossing begin to get less and less exciting with every visit. After all, we begin to get tired of the same food options every single day. Will it be Taziki’s for the second time this week? Will it be anoth…

After a night out at either one of Morgantown’s dozens of clubs, bars, house parties, frats, etc., you might be in dire need of a super fattening and greasy meal, because let’s face it—no one wants to eat a salad after shots. 

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Jeff Fedan performs at the 2011 WVU Faculty/Staff Talent Show

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