The sculpture on display at the Evandale library.

A team of artists, chemists and engineers used their talents to create an interactive rotating sculpture that can be viewed at the Evansdale library.

The piece is a result of the Community Engagement of Science through Art program (CESTA). It is based on a chemical model that WVU professor Jessica Hoover designed.

“The sculpture that this year's team created is titled ‘D4h’ and plays with the idea of symmetry in chemistry and in life,” said Jessica Hoover, assistant professor of chemistry at WVU.  “Their sculpture is an abstraction of a copper complex that was made in my research group and they ‘borrowed' the symmetry of it to design their piece.”

“To me , the biggest thing about it is the month before it was installed it wasn’t even an idea,” said Jason Lee, assistant professor of sculpture and art. “They were in there 24 hours a day brainstorming.”

The CESTA program allows students from different fields and majors to collaborate on projects, such as this sculpture.

“In the art world its very common for people to collaborate with people outside their field,” said Lee.

There is also an accompanying website for this sculpture which can be found at