“Symmetries” by West Virginia artist Sharon Lyn Stackpole is a beautiful display of the internal balance of life. Currently on display at the Monongalia Arts Center, “Symmetries” consists of many different forms of art such as paper weights, a clock, paintings and sculptures.

Graduating from West Virginia University, Stackpole studied painting and art history. Her work has been shown at the Blenheim Palace in England and in Barcelona, Spain. Although the opening of the gallery was delayed due to snow, it will be on display through March 28.

Upon walking into the Benedum Gallery, I had incredibly high expectations due to Stackpole’s amazing background. Every expectation I had was shattered. Stackpole’s work was way better than I could have ever expected. The room was filled with colorful works of art that reflect the inner struggle of human nature.

The first painting that caught my eye was “Sigh.” Painted with acrylic paint, the beautiful image portrays a woman in a pink jacket looking at her feet. Orange, yellow and blue streaks make up the background. By just looking at this painting, I could imagine my feelings on a long day as I walk home from work or class. “Sigh” portrays an external view on an internal stressor.

Another creation I was drawn to was an acrylic paining titled “Lost.” “Lost” consists of a woman in a bright green dress dancing in an ocean of blue. Stackpole did an amazing job of portraying the emotions one feels when they are lost in life. Everyone has dark periods in their life where they are so lost and afraid, but they just dance like no ones is watching. “Lost” visually represents these emotions, taking one back to the darker struggles of life.

Although all of the paintings were wonderful, one painting was the showcase of the entire gallery. “I Know She’s Out There Somewhere” shows a young boy sitting below the beautiful nighttime sky. In the stars above is the shape of a young girl flying through the mystical sky. Loneliness is one of the worst feelings a human being can experience; however, there is something beautiful about this sad emotion. The mystery of finding the perfect soulmate has fascinated people since the beginning of time. Stackpole took this emotion and created a beautiful visual for the human eye to admire.

All in all, Stackpole represented the journey of life and all of our everyday relationships.

“My work is very expressive and descriptive,” Stackpole said. “I use a visual vocabulary to express the narrative of living. My theory is that if I’ve experienced it, someone else has. If I express it, someone else may understand and thus feel less alone. That’s what I want my work to be about.”

If interested, one can buy Stackpole’s beautiful work right here in West Virginia. It is sold at The Appalachian Gallery in Morgantown, the Purple Moon in Charleston and Words and Music Bookshop in Wheeling.

For more information about Stackpole’s artwork, go to http://sharonlyn.com/.