Able Moving Hearts

The album art for Able Moving Hearts’ ‘Party Culture.’

Able Moving Hearts’ band members all have just that - able and moving hearts that are willing and driven to work as hard as ever to get their music out there.

“This is the groundwork for us to move up,” said lead guitarist Alex Musseman. He’s talking about the release of AMH’s newest EP release, “Party Culture.”

“It’s purely the essence of us. This one sounds more like us, and our songs are better,” he said.

Around one year ago, the band’s first EP, “Up For Grabs,” came out with three tracks that were mainly pop. While those were solid, this EP features a different bassist and a collective group effort with a focus on danceable pop rock.

“Before, I would write an entire song myself, and Julia (Trygar, the vocalist) would write an entire song herself, but this CD we all did it together,” Musseman said.

“Party Culture” is a four-track pop rock EP of gold and only gets better after more spins. Each song can stand on its own.

The opening track, “Heat,” is best listened to loudly. It has a rolling, thumping beat that’s relaxing. The only issue is that some lyrics aren’t the most clear, but its overall sound is enjoyable.

“Fairy Tales” and “Spin” follow with harder rock, sassy beats and killer guitar buildup. Trygar shows her ability to keep up with the beat and hit the notes strongly in these two tracks.

And, of course, the best is for last with a track that truly embodies its title: “Masterpiece.” It’s eclectic and creatively uses all the instruments to their full extent. Lucas Templin, the new bassist, had no issues jumping in and contributing to content, and the drummer, Ryan Wolfskill, kept up his fantastic presence and skills on the drums. Musseman lets loose on his guitar, and Trygar lets her vocal range soar.

“Masterpiece” reflects the point of how the party culture can destroy a person and reveals its negative side, the side AMH is emphasizing.

“The interesting thing about this CD is that we wanted to make some songs that you can groove to and possibly party to, but the lyrics are about how that can negatively affect your life, doing that stuff,” Musseman said. “It’s kind of ironic.”

AMH isn’t trying to be preachy, either, he said. He understands people, himself included, go out and party, but a recent house party showed him how empty and unfulfilling drunken experiences with strangers can be.

“We don’t want to be hypocrites - but we don’t think you should just dedicate your life to doing that (party) every night,” he said. “You should know who your real friends are and get your life figured out before messing up in college or head home ruining it, drinking underage being stupid. Just get your life together.”

That’s where the whole idea for “Party Culture” came from.

“We’ll definitely party, we’re just saving it for later,” Musseman said. “We’re focusing on our lives now.”

“Party Culture” was recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

“The microphone Julia sang in on this record is worth $15,000, and Steven Tyler used it, Hayley Williams used it. All these famous people use the same mic,” Musseman said.

And this EP is more real and raw than “Up For Grabs,” too. It sounds like AMH does live, according to Musseman.

“We want you to come to a show and hear what you heard on the CD. We don’t want you to be disappointed,” he said.

At some point, the band wants to head back to Nashville because opportunities in their hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, are limited. But that hasn’t stopped their work ethic. In fact, it’s made AMH work even harder.

“I want to keep writing, keep playing and just do stuff because I’m tired of waiting around for stuff to happen,” Musseman said.

AMH’s EP is available through contacting them on Facebook, Twitter (@theAMHearts) or