Justin Bieber


After musical success as a child, Justin Bieber briefly ran into trouble with the law.

He was once the most famous boy on Earth, and then fell very quickly from grace with a series of bad decisions that led to a media massacre. That boy is now a man, and his name is Justin Bieber. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the guy—they hate him, they love him, they like his music or they couldn’t care less about him—and this has kept Bieber relevant even when he tried to bow out of the spotlight. And now, he is in position to jump headfirst back into that spotlight.

Bieber took a reprieve from music when his name was continually dragged through the dirt following several legal controversies and a couple of missteps in his public relations. His image was primarily only in discussion when media outlets chose to report his mistakes and talk condescendingly about the Canadian singer. Bieber could not stay out of the news with what seemed like a new story every week that made viewers shake their heads at what had happened to the child pop star as he grew up.

The problem was his demographic, and when the majority of the people you influence with your actions are young, you cannot be breaking the law and acting recklessly like you have nothing to lose. Arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs and alchohol, getting into physical altercations with paparazzi and then opting out of the court hearing—these things make you look like a punk kid when you’re supposed to be setting an example. Bieber had been placed on a pedestal by his adoring fans, and he fell backwards off it into a sea of flashing lights and aggressive interrogatory interviews.

He kept quiet for a year or so, and it seemed like he was happy to be free of music and the world of superstardom. Then, right when you started to forget about him, Bieber embarked on a long-term quest back into the hearts of his fans and the world of music.

First, he was heavily featured as the vocalist on Skrillex and Diplo’s collaboration "Where R U Now" which got the world buzzing about him getting back into making music. Then his master plan began with Comedy Central’s annual roast whose target this year was Justin Bieber. Comedians and other celebrities poked fun at Bieber for things like his hair styles, his effeminate persona and his apparently poor decision making skills. This humbled the artist to people watching the event, which was the perfect way to frame his career revival. He concluded the event by getting emotional while apologizing to the world and to his fans for his unruly behavior and promised that he would make it up to them by proving that he could be a role model.

He then had a successful promotional campaign for the release of his first single from his new album, and the first solo song he had released in almost two years called "What Do You Mean?" He had different celebrities post a picture of the countdown to Bieber’s new single every day during the month building up to its release on Aug. 28.

The song was very well-received by fans and critics alike, and the anticipation for his fourth studio album "Purpose" grew exponentially. He performed the song in an emotional television performance, the first since his hiatus, at the 2015 VMAs. He later released a second single, "Sorry," which was again produced by Skrillex. With "Purpose" now only a day away, will Justin Bieber’s triumphant return overshadow his troubled youth?