The 14th annual Hungry Poets Contest , co-sponsored by the WVU Department of English, returns next month. The contest is presented in memory of Gabe Friedberg, a former WVU student who unexpectedy passed away at 22 years old.The goal of the contest is to give students with visionary poetic pieces a platform to showcase their poems and celebrate the splendor of poetry.

"We are not looking for professional poets with absolutely perfect pieces, but we are searching for contestants with fresh and unique pieces that do justice to the poetry genre," said Jim Friedberg, Gabe’s father and event organizer. "Poems should celebrate the beauty of poetry and should take audiences on a captivating journey through conveying valuable messages".

All students are invited to participate in the event, not just English students.

"Poetry doesn’t just reduce concepts of language and connection to form; it relies upon formal conventions to expand our understanding of our essential existence while also reminding us of the limits of our language to describe it," said Michael Germana, associate professor of English. "Every poetic form is capable of refining our being in the world down to an essence while raising the limits of our perception to the level of eloquence".

Each contestant must take to the stage to showcase original poems for a panel of judges. All finalists are eligible for a $15 gift certificate for the Blue Moose Cafe.

The contest will take place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21 at the Blue Moose Cafe in Morgantown.

Deadline for submissions have been extended until Sept. 30. For more information and entry submissions, send related emails to