West Virginia University transforms into a behind the scenes event on Sept. 15 with the fifth year of Campus Movie Fest.

"Student should get involved with CMF because it’s an incredible opportunity to get your hands on professional-grade equipment," said Quincy Bazen, Campus Movie Fest Tour Manager. "Students will learn from people who have devoted their lives to this craft and it’s all for free!"

The event began in 2001 at Emory University by four RAs. They wanted to give their residents something fun to do in competition with one another.

"One of these RAs worked for Apple at the time and was able to secure film equipment for over 50 participating teams in what was then known as ‘iMovie Fest’," Bazen said. "Fast-forward, 17 years later Campus Movie Fest has become the world’s largest student film festival traveling to over 70 universities across the U.S., U.K. and Mexico."

Registration for the event has proved it to be the largest year on WVU campus so far. The event is open to students of all majors with an interest in film, and no experience is required

"At its heart, Campus Movie Fest is a competition for first-timers, as more than 80% of our participants have never picked up a camera before our movie-making week," Bazen said.

Students are invited to a "night at the movies" at 6 p.m. on Sept. 15 in the Mountaineer Ballrooms in the Mountaliar. "This year we are super excited to have broken the record for submissions at WVU," Bazen said. "Sixty-eight films are competing tomorrow night for a chance to win a spot in the coveted ‘Top 16’ and screen in front of the entire Campus Movie Fest crowd."

For more information visit the Campus Movie Fest WVU page at http://campusmoviefest.com.