Six teams competed along the Falling Run Trail for a $400 prize on Tuesday.

"I trash-talked the other team and we ended up losing to that team," said Kelsey Jimmie, a freshman strategic communications student from Fairmont, West Virginia.

The Falling Run Scavenger Hunt Contest combined social media and outdoor hiking. Participating students looked for objects and landmarks along the Falling Run Trail. A picture of these objects were sent to the event organizers on Twitter.

The first place team received $400 worth of Amazon gift cards. Those in second place left with gift cards from various Morgantown businesses.

Marissa Bailey, an event organizer, said, "We had a winning team that was called the Last Minute Signups because they signed up right before the event started."

"They were so excited, they ran back, they were sweating, huffing and puffing," Bailey said.

Bailey and her partner Nadia Anderson organized the scavenger hunt for a strategic communications class. A dozen journalism students from Journalism 101 helped advertise the event.

Bailey said the main purpose of the scavenger hunt was to spread awareness of the Falling Run Greenspace.

The Falling Run Green Space offers students a hiking and biking trail within walking distance of the Mountainlair.

While still under construction, the trail will eventually stretch through 4.79 miles of Morgantown forest.

James Kotcon, WVU associate professor of plant pathology, volunteers to maintain and expand the trails.

"The end goal would be to have a diverse network of trails, some of which are going to be more rugged single-track trails suitable for mountain biking and hiking; the main stem would be a ADA handicap accessible trail that would follow the Falling Run Stream up to the Organic Farm," Kotcon said during a 2017 Welcome Week service event.

Currently, the Greenspace has 2.04 miles of trails.

For more information about the trail, and upcoming events at the Greenspace, please visit

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