Fletcher’s Grove


Fletcher’s Grove, a bluegrass band based out of Morgantown.

If you’re getting tired of the usual bar scene and soundtracks, listen to the modern bluegrass fusion of Fletcher’s Grove and Grand Ole’ Ditch tonight at 123 Pleasant Street. The downtown venue has a lot of weekly music traffic, and Friday nights are often the biggest shows. This week proves to be no different with the two very exciting live performers taking the stage and kicking off the night around 9 P.M.

Both bands have eastern roots—Fletcher’s Grove is from home base Morgantown, while Grand Ole’ Ditch hails from Cumberland, Maryland.

Fletcher’s Grove has been playing and touring around the area and country since their debut album in 2010. Entitled "All the Way Home," the album combines funk, jazz, rock n’ roll and bluegrass to make a unique and indescribable sound. This individuality has fueled the growth of the five-piece in the eastern music scene, as well as their extremely lively and entertaining performances that include dual guitar solos, improvisational extended jams and a diverse assortment of instruments.

Being Morgantown is their hometown, Fletcher’s Grove has performed at 123 multiple times prior to tonight’s show. Kelsie Cannon, an employee and bartender at 123 Pleasant, has had the opportunity to watch the band play before and had nothing but good things to say about the band.

"Those guys are extremely fun to watch, I’ve seen them three times, and no show is ever the same. Sometimes they will solo for like five minutes," Cannon said.

Grand Ole’ Ditch is a progressive bluegrass band, composed of seven members. The band’s biggest focus is giving a new sound to an old style of music.

The band gets its name from the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which is nicknamed the Grand Old Ditch, which was a very important water channel used for shipping coal in the early 20th century. Bluegrass music described the soul of the people of western Maryland at this time, and Grand Ole’ Ditch wants to give that soul a more modern


The group made music together since 2012 and has been featured in several regional festivals and concerts, winning awards along the way. Grand Ole’ Ditch has been touring all over the area, alone and also opening up for bigger artists such as Larry Keel & Natural Bridge and The Hackensaw Boys.

Senior communications student Kathy Sherman is from the Cumberland area, and saw the band back in her hometown and is pleasantly surprised to hear they will perform in Morgantown.

"I saw Grand Ole’ Ditch two years ago and thought that was the last I had heard of them. It’s awesome they’re getting to play in other states, especially here at my school," Sherman said.

Fletcher’s Grove and Grand Ole’ Ditch will play in Morgantown for one night only—Friday, Aug. 28 at 123 Pleasant Street. The show is for ages 18 and up, and tickets are around eight to 10 dollars at the door. For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit http://123pleasantstreet.com.