MACglee is an adult choral group at the Monongalia Arts Center.

Holiday music has been playing on the radio since October, but not the way MACglee is going to perform it.

"The concert is called ‘Holiday Pops’, and it will have a whole variety of Christmas songs and special arrangements of songs. It’won’t just be ‘Jingle Bells,’" said MACglee director  of three years Ken Godwin.

The Monongalia Arts Center created the group after noticing a hole in the sound form of art.

"They do plays and artwork there (the MAC), and they wanted a vocal group," Godwin said.

MACglee is a community group of singers ranging from college students to parents to residents of Morgantown to Preston, Taylor and Harrison counties.

Typically, MACglee has two concerts a year: one in winter and another in the springtime.

"These people have jobs and there’s a couple of college students in the group. The singers don’t have time to pick up and go every weekend," he said. "They have their own family and responsibilities."

The community aspect is very important to Godwin.

"The singers have spent many, many hours on Wednesday nights of rehearsal time and preparation, and we really encourage the community to take time out of their weekend and support the community," Godwin said. "People don’t always come out for things, and people need to come to support the singers, the local talent that’s here and enjoy the music and be supportive of the community activity."

The concert is still in the community but is no longer at the MAC. The concert is at Avery United Methodist Church to make it more accessible for guests.

"We think the parking is gonna be better, easier and more handicapped accessible," Godwin said.

A special addition is coming to play with the group: Sue Garton. She’s a handbell player hailing from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, and plays a range of types of music using three octaves of handbells and chimes spread over two tables.

"Many times, she has at least three bells in her hand. She’ll lay down an F-sharp, and 54 measures later, she’ll remember where she put that F-sharp!" Godwin said.

Garton will perform around eight selections for this holiday concert. The MACglee singers will be accompanied by bass, percussion and pianist Christina Baran.

"People can sit there and hum along and enjoy about an hour of concert, of choral singing, of vocal singing and Sue playing handbells," Godwin said.

The concert is free of charge, but a $5 donation per attendee is encouraged.

"Holiday Pops" is at 2 p.m. Sunday at Avery United Methodist Church, 1152 Cheat Rd.