The One Act Festival returns to the M.T. Pockets Theatre Company in Morgantown on Friday for its third annual two-day event. Initially set for Jan. 22 and 23, Winter Storm Jonas quickly wreaked havoc, causing The One Act Festival to be rescheduled for a later date.

Since 1999, M.T. Pockets Theatre Company has been producing a unique blend of outside-the-box plays and more common plays for the Morgantown area at an affordable price.

There will be 12 one-act plays over the course of two days, beginning at 8 p.m on Friday and concluding at 11 p.m. Saturday. Each day will include six original performances. Act I correlates with Saturday and Act II with Sunday.

“We had over 300 entries from playwrights nationwide,” said Vickie Trickett, who’s directing a play that was composed in the U.K.

In just its third year, The One Act Festival is already quite successful and hopes to continue to grow each year.

“A Play About Bacon,” written by Carol M. Rice and directed by Seret Cole, will be the first showing on Friday. Following that will be “Housekeeping,” which entails two new homeowners and a gift left for them by their realtor. “Housekeeping” is by playwright Connie Schindewolf and directed by Colin Crawford.

William Underwood is the writer of “Jamie & Johnny.” This play is also directed by Colin Crawford. Next will be “The Wedding Night Tweets,” by writer Daniel Guyton and director Bobbie Conklin. In this short skit, the day after taking vows, one man finds some issues with his wife being rather fond of social media.

In 2016, it seems that technology consumes our life. This inevitable infatuation with technology is the basis of another play featured in the festival called “Plug It In.” It is written by Irene Pynn and directed by Sean Bonnette.

Closing out Act I will be a play by Matt Fox, a U.K. native, called “The Lady Killers.” “The Lady Killers” is about exactly what you would expect - three female killers.

Act II kicks off Saturday with “Surprise,” by Michael Perlmutter. This suspenseful performance is directed by Tracy Turner Lynch, who is also The One Act Festival coordinator.

Ginger Reiter is the playwright of the next scheduled act titled “The Back Massage.” Next is “Grilling,” written by Travis Teffner and directed by David Beach. This romantic drama is rated M for mature audiences.

Other one-act plays such as, “Imported or Domestic” by Jeff Carter showcase some lighter subjects. “Imported or Domestic” consists of an interview in a bar with two very different meanings of the word “job.” Guests can also enjoy “Happy Hour” by JoAnne Walton, which is about a mom joining her daughters for some drinks.

The final play on the slate for the One Act Festival involves a young couple and a hard-fought attempt at a world record. “The Unabridged Kama Sutra,” is by L.H. Grant and directed by Trae Clark.

“At the end of the night, anybody who comes to see the show gets a ballot and the patrons get to vote for their top three,” said Vickie Trickett, one of the festival’s main organizers.

Although it’s only enjoyed locally in Morgantown, playwrights are appreciative for the opportunity for exposure at the festival. The One Act Festival is a non-profit event that relies on grants and volunteers.

“We pretty much do it for the love of the theatre,” said Tracy Turner Lynch, a director in One Act Play Festival.

The One Act Festival will kick off at 8 p.m. on Friday and will run through Saturday at 11 p.m. at the M.T. Pockets Theatre. For more information, visit