Pusha T

Pusha T performs at the 2013 mtvu Woodie Awards in Austin, Texas.

Pusha T, Lil Scrappy and Travis Porter will be performing in Morgantown Saturday night at Tunez & Cue on High Street, providing an evening full of some of the best hip-hop.

The show will be put on by Blackout Bandits Entertainment in honor of Homecoming at West Virginia University. Also featured in the show will be local artists DJ Yemi, T-Mack and Ryan Skid.

“Expect to leave a lot sweatier than you come,” Skid said. “It’s really going to be a night to remember. As far as events in Morgantown, this is right up there with Fallfest; it’s a phenomenal lineup.”

Skid is a senior multidisciplinary studies student from Braxton County, W.Va., and has been busy making a name for himself in the hip-hop industry. With nearly 5,000 Twitter followers, Skid is creating quite a stir.

Skid and his team, GEEKS (Guys Everyone Expects to Kill Sh--), look forward to sharing the stage with big name artists Saturday.

“It’s extremely exciting for my whole team and I to perform with these guys,” Skid said. “I grew up listening to Clipse (the hip-hop duo of Terrence ‘Pusha T’ Thornton and his brother Gene ‘No Malice’ Thornton) from back in the ‘Lord Willin’ days, all the way up through ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ and ‘Til The Casket Drops,’ which were huge inspirations for me. When you add that to his recent solo career with G.O.O.D Music, Pusha T is an idol of mine.”

Aside from Skid, GEEKS consists of Rick “Spac” Brown, senior physics student and audio engineer/live event technician; Jim “DJ Deazil” Thorpe, senior multidisciplinary studies student and deejay; Aaron Deininger, broadcast journalism graduate and videographer/creative director and Andrew “Harmony” Gardiner, senior business student and studio engineer/vocalist.

Skid and his team also look forward to sharing the stage with Travis Porter. Skid said their rise to success during the last few years is like a blueprint for performers in his position.

“What’s most influential is how they’ve been able to do it all their own way and control their craft from (their) start until now,” Skid said.

Skid said he and his team also aim to complete a similar feat and do things their own way.

“We do everything in house, from the production to the recording, the mastering, the videos, the graphic design, the website, the promotion and the booking, and we do it a lot better than many others,” Skid said. “They (Travis Porter) have made a huge impact on southern rap and really influenced the modern Atlanta sound, which is something I aspire to do: develop a West Virginia sound.”

Skid said Lil Scrappy’s longevity is admirable and what everyone in the industry wants to accomplish, yet so few do.

“There’s a lot to be learned from all these guys,” Skid said. “It’s wild to think a kid from a West Virginia town of less than 500 that used to listen to these guys on the school bus is going to be sharing a stage with them. Life is crazy, and it’s a real honor.”

Skid’s new mixtape, “Almost Heaven,” is currently in the works and will be out late 2013 or early 2014. The first single from the mixtape, “Snapchats From Your Main B---h,” dropped this week and is available for free download at https://soundcloud.com/ryanskid.

His past successes include three mixtapes and a radio hit song, “Three Up, Two Up,” which has been played regularly on a variety of local stations, including WVAQ.

“A Day In The Real World” was named Best Indie Mixtape of 2012 by Mostly Junk Food, a Los Angeles-based music website, and last summer. Skid and his team traveled across the country to play a variety of shows.

“I’ve just always strived to be honest with people through the music and be something that the state of West Virginia can be proud of,” Skid said. “When I decided I was going to do this, I made sure that I was going to do it for the right reasons.

“No matter where this career goes, as long as people can tell me, ‘Hey, this helped me get through this,’ or, ‘Hey, this reminds me of great times,’ then I’ve won.”

Learn more about Ryan Skid by visiting www.ryanskid.com or his SoundCloud and WordPress, which are listed above. Find him on Twitter or Instagram with his handle @ThatKidSkid.

The Blackout Bandits Entertainment Homecoming Concert is set to begin at 7 p.m. Saturday at Tunez & Cue on High Street with a meet and greet for VIP ticketholders. Music will begin at 10 p.m.

The show is open to guests of all ages. For advance tickets, call 347-415-3726 or visit www.eventbrite.com and search for “Pusha T.” Regular tickets are $40 and VIP tickets are $80.

“Some of the biggest names in hip-hop are going to be in the building,” Skid said. “It’s going to be the perfect nightcap to Homecoming Weekend.”