Schmitt’s Saloon will be shaking by the time Everclear shows up to tear the house down.

The famous heavy rock band will perform at Schmitt’s Saloon tonight, celebrating the 20th anniversary of "Sparkle and Fade." "Sparkle and Fade" is the second album released by Everclear in May of 1995. It was their first album released on Capitol Records, featuring some of the band’s breakthrough singles. The band’s newest and ninth album, "Black Is the New Black," takes fans back in time to the heavy grunge sound that is heard on "Sparkle and Fade."

Everclear has changed immeasurably in the past 20 years, making this show unique. The lead singer and guitarist, Art Alexakis, is the only withstanding member in the band since the start. He writes about his life pre-Everclear, painting a picture for fans of his broken home and poor upbringing. Alexakis mixes his dark lyrics with heavy guitar riffs and true Everclear sound. After losing many people to drugs and suicide, Alexakis decided to put his emotional sensitivities into his music, which bloomed into Everclear. He is proud to share his story of being an average person with an imperfect background and how he transformed it all into beautiful pieces of music the world can relate to.

Alexakis spoke with Music Feeds about remembering when he wrote "Sparkle and Fade." He reminisced about the album as a time that his writing was very productive and fruitful.

"I wrote (Sparkle and Fade’s "Queen of the Air") at night, in the summer of ’94, right before we went into the studio. We were just trying to make the best record we could," he said. "I was kind of on fire as a songwriter at that point- I was wiring a lot of songs."

Everclear will play songs from their sophomore album along with tracks from "Black Is the New Black." The tour is in celebration of embracing Alexakis’s past rather than looking at it in a negative light. He is determined to intertwine the band’s past with its present members without being nostalgic.

Entertainment Director of Schmitt’s Saloon, Troy Koon, is looking forward to bringing a band to the venue that he has been listening to for 20 years. Koon wants fans to know the show will include Hydra Melody and a to be decided local opener that Everclear will be selecting. Koon explains why this concert is Schmitt’s Saloon’s "biggest rock show yet."

"From a promoter’s standpoint, Everclear has a long history in the alternative rock genre having produced albums since 1992," Koon said. "We haven’t had anyone at the saloon yet with that type of staying power in the genre."

Fans are looking forward to the show, as it is Everclear’s first time performing in the Morgantown area. Graduate student of West Virginia University Eli Tancin will be attending the show right after he gets off work. He expects there to be a lot of excitement as he finally has the chance to see Everclear perform live.

"I am sure they will bring everything they can and do anything but disappoint," Tancin said. "Everclear plays mostly large venues such as pavilions so I am looking forward to how they utilize Schmitt’s. I am looking most forward to seeing what surprises the band has in store for the audience."

Everclear will perform from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. this evening. General admission tickets are $30. To buy tickets, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/everclear-sparkle-and-fade-20th-anniversary-tour-tickets-18304794132.