Texas Hippie Coalition


Texas Hippie Coalition will play at Schmitt’s Saloon on June 28.


"Lord of the hippies, king of the rednecks, lord of the druggies, king of the rednecks." The previous line is a mantra from the infamous band of outlaws who go by the name of Texas Hippie Coalition. With a reputation for rocking people’s faces off, Texas Hippie Coalition is set to take stage at southern rock hot spot, Schmitt’s Saloon this Sunday. But the question stands: Is West Virginia University ready? 

The answer, of course, is yes. With four critically acclaimed albums under their belt; "Pride of Texas," "Rollin," "Peacemaker" and "Ride On" Texas Hippie Coalition certainly knows how to make a statement. From bikers, to cowboys, to hippies and all the misfits in-between, it’s clear the Texas Hippie Coalition appeals to a wide range of music fans.  

WVU graduate and local super fan Alyssa Parsons gladly shared her overwhelming love for the group as she anticipates this weekend’s wild showcase. 

"Texas Hippie Coalition is amazing," Parsons said. "It makes me upset how they don’t get as much credit as they deserve. They are a cool new type of rock." 

Though their unconventional style of rock could be seen unfavorably to some alternative fans, Parsons is adamant in defending their one-of-a-kind talent, which is refreshing for those looking for a new sound.

The band, which hails from Denison, Tx., brings twangy metal and a dark southern rock vibe to their incomparable sound. The Coalition flaunts daunting tones, similar to Lynyrd Skynyrd, making fans feel like they’re in an episode of "Sons of Anarchy." Texas Hippie Coalition is signed to Dallas-based Carved Records, who specializes in the band’s progressive alternative style.   

After a long history of transient members, the Texas Hippie Coalition has evolved into what it is today. The group, which includes Big Dad Ritch, John Exall, Cord Pool and Timmy Braun, collaborate seamlessly both live and in the studio. Big Dad Ritch heads the band with his lead vocals, and is supported by Exall on bass, Pool on guitar and Braun on drums. 

Ritch is known for his stellar performance, with pipes able to reach some very impressive anotes. His beard is quite impressive as well. With the rest of the members sporting a mixture of long hair and mohawks, it’s hard to tell whether they’re going onstage or going into battle. 

The band, better known as THC, is expected to play hits from their extensive catalog of records, including those from their most recent album "Ride On." With the help of producer Skid Mills, THC was able to pack big arena-worthy sound into a sharply worded, ten track masterpiece. Songs to note from the album include "Ride On," which boasts a heavy strum and Ritch’s signature growl. Other hit tracks include "Monster in Me," and "Rock Ain’t Dead."

"‘Ride On’ is my favorite song by far," Parsons said. "I’ve only been listening to them for about a year now but they are just that good!" 

Parsons emphasized the band’s versatility, and hopes experiencing the band live will show off the band’s fun, likeable spirit. 

"If you like any type of rock and roll you should go," Parsons said. "You don’t want to be sorry that you missed them!" 

Opening for the main event are heavy rocking band, Herecide and rockers Iron Jawed Guru. The show begins at 8 p.m., this Sunday, June 28 at Schmitt’s Saloon. For tickets and more information, please visit http://www.schmittssaloon.com/event-calendar.html