The Misfits iconic Fiend Skull logo is a very recognizable image in pop culture, and one glimpse at it on a poster tells you that the band is near. One of the most popular American heavy rock bands, Misfits has been recorded and toured off and on since its inception in 1977 and will continue that tradition Wednesday at Mainstage Morgantown.

Mainstage has already provided an eventful and exciting October lineup, and the last two weeks of the month will be no different.

Misfits was formed in Lodi, New Jersey in 1977 by founding member Glenn Danzig, with their name being a reference to Marilyn Monroe’s final film, "The Misfits." The lineup underwent many changes during its first few years, with the only regular members being Danzig and bassist Jerry Only. The band played together for almost a decade before taking a 10-year hiatus, until it was reformed in 1995. Misfits stuck to the underground punk rock scene throughout their first years of performing, but after their dissolution the band began increased in popularity. The band was reborn for a while thanks to Only after legal battles with Danzig had concluded, but the band was always stuck in a bit of a funk after that. Since then, Misfits continues to do anniversary shows and tours, headed by Only, and is currently on its 2015/2016 tour which started in the beginning of October.

Renowned for its unique musical style, Misfits is credited with starting the horror punk movement. Horror punk is a subgenre of punk rock that incorporates elements from horror films and eerie science-fiction films to give the music and performances a flair for the dramatic, taking its audience on a romanticized thrill ride that looks and sounds spooky.

Band members wear dark clothing and makeup that gives them the horror look, as well as taking ideas and lines from movies and adding them to their lyrics and artwork. This creativity and genre fusion is what gave Misfits such a cult following in the ‘80s, ‘90s and still today.

Adam Payne, talent buyer and production manager for Mainstage, is confident in the Misfits’ ability to bring together a mixed audience of every shape, size, age and background.

"The Misfits is more than a band, they’re an American cult icon. Misfits are a widespread family banded by the many musicians that have rotated through the group and the millions of worldwide fans that embrace the group as the pioneers of combining horror and punk rock together. The Misfit skull logo is one of the most recognizable logos in music history and is a symbol of family to many who wear it on T-shirts or even tattoo on their body," Payne said. "We are expecting one of the widest range of age groups than any show previously at Mainstage. This band will bring out concert -goers from 18 to probably over 60 years old."

The Misfits always put on a very dramatic and special show, and the fans that attend always dress up and go all out for the band. Doors open at 8 p.m. Wednesdaynight at Mainstage Morgantown. The show is limited to 18 and older.