Sam Brinley


WELLWVU worker Sam Brinley passes out T-shirts to students at a previous WELLWVU event.

For a lot of students, living alone can be tough when it comes to meal preparation.

Learning how to cook healthy snacks and meals can be beneficial. As a part of WELLWVU: The Students’ Center of Health, WVUp All Night is offering a three-hour tutorial on cooking healthier alternatives called cookWELL.

WVUp All Night is a weekly program that begins Thursday night and ends Saturday night. It takes place at the Mountainlair where various events are scheduled for the students’ enjoyment.

Health and wellness promotion is what WELLWVU is all about. Developing ideas and campaigns to better the overall well-being of WVU students is its main objective. WELLWVU has been around since 2009 and has experienced much success with its programs.

Last semester, WELLWVU hosted an event at WVUp All Night that promoted exercise. Recently, WELLWVU decided to launch a campaign called eatWELL for the month of February.

Student event coordinator, Ankur Kumar, wanted to improve the eatWell campaign, so he pitched the idea of cookWELL to Colleen Harshbarger, director of WELLWVU. Together, they brought it to fruition.

"We had already worked once between WVUp All Night and WELLWVU," Kumar said. "They were doing an eatWELL campaign. We had to do something to branch off of that."

In the Lair’s food court, 12 portable griddles and some blenders will allow cookWELL to produce the chosen menu items. The main entree on the menu is a veggie quesadilla using a whole wheat tortilla. The quesadilla includes fresh vegetables, black beans, salsa and your choice of condiments.

Another healthy choice will be a soy milk-based smoothie made with kale, spinach, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. These smoothies strip away the excessive sugars and artificial flavors found in most smoothies.

"The menu was a big part of this," Kumar said. "We wanted to make sure that everything we’re doing is, not only fun and teaching these students how to cook, but teaching them the right things to cook."

The event is free of cost, just like all other events hosted by WVUp All Night. Although it’s a tutorial, students who show up will take part in making their dishes.

"That’s the really unique part," Kumar said. "They’re going to be given their own plate and we’re going to show them the right proportions."

In addition to learning how to cook on griddles and use blenders, participants will receive complimentary recipe cards to try what they’ve learned by


CookWELL will begin at 9 p.m. this Friday in the Mountainlair Food Court.