‘What did you do with your snow-weekend?’

Winter Storm Jonas gave West Virginia University students a four-day weekend starting last Friday. With classes canceled, students found themselves with a lot of extra time to kill, and did so in a variety of ways.

Yesterday, 100 students in the Mountainlair were asked: "What did you do with your snow-weekend?"

Most of the students polled said they did something inside. Thirty-one percent watched Netflix or TV all weekend, catching up on shows such as "Friends," "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Making a Murderer."

Eight percent of students who chose to stay inside did so to play videogames, most playing the new "Halo" or "Call of Duty."

Many students, however, decided to take advantage of the feet of snow outside. Outdoor activities around Morgantown’s streets and hills were popular answers with 24 percent of the responses. Within this group, 16 percent went sledding in Morgantown, and 3 percent hit the professional ski-slopes around the local area to go skiing and snowboarding.

Playing in the snow made up the remaining three percent of the sled/snowboard/etc. category. This sub-group encompassed snowball fights, igloo building and one interesting answer of burying an illegally parked neighbor’s car.

Of the students polled, 20 percent said that drinking was their primary activity for the weekend.

Not everyone had a fun time though. Some students were called into work despite the horrid road conditions, and 4 percent chose to catch up on homework.

What did you do this weekend? Create a massive snow fort, shred some sick gnar? Tweet us your snow day pictures and stories @dailyathenaeum.