Although it was a warm weekend, activities celebrating winter were a popular part of WVUp All Night.

From 7 p.m.-midnight on Friday, the "World’s Largest Snowman" was inflated in the middle of the University’s Woodburn Circle.

Thanks to WVUp All Night, the award-winning late night program allowed students to gather downtown to view the towering snowman while enjoying music and hot chocolate despite the 60 degree weather.

Presented by the WVU Student Life Programming Unit, the 35-foot inflatable snowman provided the perfect photo opportunity with the iconic Woodburn Hall as the backdrop.

Not only attracting West Virginia University students, the giant snowman grabbed the attention of the surrounding community. Many parents brought their kids to the event to climb inside the snowman’s inflatable bounce house.

"It is really cool how the snowman can draw the community together," said WVU junior Regina Ellison. "I think it’s a really neat event to go see on a Friday."

However, WVU is not the only college the snowman has visited. The inflatable is currently "on tour" visiting other university campuses.

The World’s Largest Snowman was not the only frosty event for students Friday night. WVUp All Night managed to set up an ice rink inside the Mountainlair food court on both Friday and Saturday nights. Students were encouraged to stop by the Mountainlair to check out the rink.

"It kind of shocked me when I walked into the Mountainlair," said WVU freshman Brogan Ernst. "I definitely didn’t expect to see kids skating on an ice rink. I think WVUp All Night does a really good job providing students with fun activities throughout the weekend. I’m always excited to walk into the Lair to see what’s going on."

"WVUp All Night" is the first program of it’s kind in the United States. Starting in 1998, the program offers free movies, food, games and activities to WVU students.

"I think WVUp All Night is an important part of the University because it gives students a place to meet up with their friends or hangout at night," said WVU freshman Courtney Carver. "It’s a good program to have because it’s an alternative to going out and partying. This way, the program helps kids stay out of trouble."

This weekend, WVUp All Night will offer a cooking school presented by WELLWVU and WVU Dining Services in the Mountainlair food court on Friday.

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