Long gone are the days of visiting a library or bookstore and roaming the aisles searching for a book, flipping through the crisp pages, examining the carefully designed cover and walking home with a physical copy in hand.

The slob, the clean freak, the mooch, the one that never sleeps, the one that never speaks, the one that’s always drinking, the one that always has guests over without permission.

Between class, extracurriculars and maintaining relationships, college students have a lot on their plate. However, amidst all of these things, it seems students may be forgetting to focus on what is actually on their plate — the one they eat off of, that is.

There’s no doubt that planning aspects of your future, near or far, can be stressful and overwhelming. However, when it comes to planning classes and discovering the direction you want to take during your time in college, West Virginia University’s academic advisors are available to help mak…


"Bleed Gold. Live Green," is the first line you’ll see when you visit West Virginia University’s sustainability page online. However, it seems that, as Mountaineers, we may not be paying enough attention to the latter of the phrase.


West Virginia University’s Quin Curtis Psychology Service, Training and Research Center is offering an evidence-based program known as ELEVATE for those in relationships that are looking to enhance communication and strengthen their bond.


For weeks, social media and television screens were flooded with images of dogs paddling through flood waters, cats clinging to floating trees and the likes of both floating inside crates in flooded homes or chained outside.

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