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The DA is student led. All content, content decisions and advertising sales are made by students. Learn more about the history of The Daily Athenaeum by clicking here.


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News Department

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Sports Department

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Opinion Section

The Opinion Section is lead by the DA Editorial staff. To reach the Opinions Section:

Letters & Guest Columns Submissions

Letters to the Editor are to be no more than 300 words signed with a name and title. Guest columns are to be no more than 500 words with a name and title.
Email your letters to the editor and guest columns to


Culture/Chill Department

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Pet of the Day Photo Submissions

We love pet photos! Submit your pet photo by filling out this form, and we might choose yours to feature your pet in print and online!


Corrections & Clarifications

The Daily Athenaeum is committed to accuracy. As a student-run organization, The DA is a learning laboratory where students are charged with the same responsibilities as professional reporters, editors, photographers, production, delivery and sales staff. We encourage our readers and the West Virginia University community to let us know when they believe we have fallen short. The DA will promptly research and determine whether a correction or clarification is appropriate. If so, the correction will appear in the same media (print or online) the error appear. Corrections will be appended to all archived content.

To report a correction or clarification, click here to fill out the corrections form, or contact our editor in chief directly at (304) 293-5092 or email us at


The DA Takedown Policy

The DA is the student newspaper of record for West Virginia University and is editorially independent from the University. The DA’s mission is to serve as a historical record of the news and events of the West Virginia University community. Therefore, the DA generally does not remove the DA’s created content from its website (, including its online archives. In case of a factual error, the DA’s created content will be corrected and updated with an editor’s note, but not removed.

If you feel there is a factual error regarding an article, column, photo or other material created by the Da please submit your formal request to the below address, including with your request: 1) the name of the written work, 2) its author, 3) the date of publication, 4) a hyperlink to the online version, 5)any supporting documents. Requests should be submitted to


Advertising & Classifieds

To contact our sales department, please call (304) 293-4141 xt. 1 for issues relating to classified, display and Web advertising.

To email our sales department your ad, email

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To contact the Advertising & Marketing Manager, Andy Modecki, call (304) 293-0083 or email


Web comments/technical difficulties

For problems or feedback concerning the website that are not specific to content, please email our digital department at



2021-22 Editorial Staff

Duncan Slade

Managing Editor
Raeanne Beckner

Print Editor
Caroline Murphy

Audience Editorr
Elise Zeitzheim

Lead Designer
Annika Godwin

Falon Snodgrass

News Editor
Trenton Straight

Breaking News Editor
Jules Ogden

Features Editor
Lara Bonatesta

Deputy Audience Editor
Ladimir Garcia

Sports Editor
Zach Anderson

Assistant Sports Editor
Camren Gandee

Opinion Editor
Editorial Staff

Podcast Editor
Sydney Wentz

Video Editor
Teran Malone



Margaret Rymer
Mariano Maradiegue
Seth Mitchell
Ethan Bock
Danny Kuhn
Katie Wolfhope
Liam Belan
Wesley Shoemaker




Andy Modecki

Assistant Director of Sales
(304) 293-0083


Jami Christopher

Operations Manager
(304) 293-0082


Nick Kratsas

Digital Media Manager
(304) 293-3824
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