“Avengers Endgame” comes out in two weeks, bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe full circle. After 11 years and the establishment of a cinematic universe, Marvel is on top of the world. With 11 years’ worth of Marvel movie watching experience, here are my top five MCU films you should watch.

Just this Monday, WVU made a change to the PRT that affects everyone that rides it. For most of this year, to get on the PRT, all students and other PRT riders needed to do was select their destination prior to going through the turnstile. Now hopeful riders will have to either swipe their W…

“Winter is Coming,” the eighth and final season of HBO’s smash hit franchise “Game of Thrones” premieres Sunday, April 14. Before that, here’s a look back at the five best episodes from the first seven seasons.

The STEM field has historically been male-dominated, but that isn’t stopping the female scientists at WVU. 

Following the selection of Sodexo, a French food services and facilities management company, to run WVU Dining Services at the beginning of 2018, the Mountainlair has been home to new restaurants such as Blue Tomato, BurgerShop, and Tres Habaneros. With a goal of renewing university control …

Scribbling frantically at the blackboard, young math elites from all over the state took turns solving complex math problems in front of a crowd while a two-minute timer ticked away.

Quidditch teams from all around the area gathered at the Recreation Center Fields on Saturday to participate in WVU’s Almost Heaven Quidditch Tournament. All proceeds from the tournament went to benefit Fairness West Virginia.

The WVU Big Band, which plays jazz music took to Black Bear Burritos’ stage this past Tuesday to perform a menagerie of jazz music, ranging from modern arrangements to the swinging 1930s sounds that you may be familiar with.

Movies always tend to increase in release with the coming of summer. Students are getting out of school and people generally find themselves with more free time to do things. There’s a reason why the term “summer blockbuster” exists. It seems this year’s products were early bloomers because …

The famous rapper 2 Chainz once said “24/7 like a Waffle House” in his feature on the TeeFlii song “24 Hours.” Unfortunately, Morgantown residents are unfamiliar with this phrase- the closest Waffle House location is 45.3 miles away in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Skin care met science at last Friday’s Korean Skin Care Workshop held in the Mountainlair by Poppy & Daisy, a local Korean skin care and beauty store. This workshop was hosted by The WVU Korean Club and was free for students and faculty.

When you want Chinese, you get Chinese. When you want Italian, you get Italian. Egyptian food, however, has not yet reached that level of fame where a hungry crowd will think to themselves, “I want Egyptian.” The owners of Cairo 2 Go are working to change that.

The WVU Hearts of Gold service dogs are being trained to do everything from fetch medicine to attend band concerts. 

Mountie Bounty is a pretty convenient function of our student IDs here at WVU. There are a number of places both on campus and around town that accept it as payment, and not having to carry cash or worry about using one’s debit card can be a real weight off of students’ shoulders. 

Let’s face it—after a while, the food options found in the Mountainlair and Evansdale Crossing begin to get less and less exciting with every visit. After all, we begin to get tired of the same food options every single day. Will it be Taziki’s for the second time this week? Will it be anoth…

After a night out at either one of Morgantown’s dozens of clubs, bars, house parties, frats, etc., you might be in dire need of a super fattening and greasy meal, because let’s face it—no one wants to eat a salad after shots. 

Author and filmmaker Ezra Mars turned his Morgantown home into an open mic night where 15 writers from across the state read their work for his jam-packed audience.

We’re getting closer to the beginning of movies being released in theaters that we as audience members will actually enjoy. However, we still have a few weeks to go so until then here are some films on Netflix you can enjoy until then.

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