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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and movies are a great way to get into the spirit, if you know what to look for. The last thing you want in your romantic plans is a film that kills the vibe, so here are five movies streaming on Netflix to put you in the mood for love:

This week, Geoff talks to Dr. Tiffany Mitchell Patterson from the College of Education and Human Services about teaching reconstruction and citizenship, black power, voting rights, and related topics. For further reading, check out Dr. Patterson's recent article in The Conversation, as well …

Buttons and pins have been a popular staple for a long time, but they have grown in popularity with college students over the years. More often than not, you can see these little, or big, metal pieces hanging from a student’s backpack or jacket around campus.

With pop music blasting from speakers and crowds gathering throughout downtown, the annual tradition of Panhellenic Bid Day finally came for 2020.

Coming to WVU, a student can expect to be face to face with many opportunities to get involved in whatever piques their interest. With more than 480 clubs and organizations, it can be difficult to sift through them all and make a decision.

The WVU College of Creative Arts is hosting “Cendrillon” as the spring opera, running at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday. All showings are in the Antoinette Falbo Theatre of the Creative Arts Center.

Dogs have become more than just a companion to millions of people in the United States. They have become essential parts of the lives of some people with disabilities, who rely on these specially trained dogs to navigate the world.

If you’re over the age of 21 or happened to live in Boreman Hall at any point, you know what the “Canteen” is. Not only is it a location to meet your best friends and relax after an exhausting day of classes, it’s a place to fulfill any late-night cravings for mozzarella sticks or fries.

In the spring season of WVU Reads, Geoff will continue to interview people from around campus but move away from Educated. This week, Geoff talks to Melissa Giggenbach and Hope DeLap from the West Virginia Innocence Project, which is affiliated with WVU College of Law. 

Driving for about an hour and a half to the southeast to eat might not be what most WVU students do on their four-day weekends, but as a food critic exploring some of West Virginia’s treasures, I really couldn’t help myself.

Did you know the same fight-flight response that taught our ancestors to run from bears is the same feeling of threat you get when you're stressed over your finals? Audrey Stephenson, a counseling major at the Carruth Center, teaches us tips to lessen the fight-flight response, as well as ho…

While students often look beyond WVU and Sodexo to satisfy their hunger or thirst, sometimes compromising for some less-than-desirable food is necessary; dining halls still remain an important part of student life.

The Daily Athenaeum, WVU’s independent student newspaper, is getting you ready for Finals Week with our new 5-part podcast, Finals Survival. Starting Monday, December 9, you can listen to a daily dose of great finals advice from experts from across WVU’s campus, like how to reduce finals anx…

In this episode, Geoff talks with Melissa Sherfinski, associate professor of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, about Tara Westover's experiences as a home school student. They discuss what's lost and gained in that experience, not just for Tara but for her brothers. The conversation …

While everyone begins to get excited for the grand opening of the Chipotle on High Street, I couldn’t help but look at the local businesses we already had here in Morgantown.

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