Despite COVID-19 putting a damper on many traditional campus activities, Adventure WV is still offering outdoor excursions for students.

Located at WVU’s Outdoor Education Center, students have the option of choosing a variety of adventures, such as team adventures, zip-lining, overnight opportunities and educational experiences.

“[We are] taking serious precautions and training measures to ensure the safety of students,” said C.J. Belknap, associate director for Adventure WV.

All activities are conducted outside and masks are required due to COVID-19. There are also disinfection kits available as well as extra masks for every adventure.

Team adventures are now conducted by application and in very small groups to follow COVID-19 state and University policies. These adventures include ground-based elements, high ropes and various games and activities.

Zip line and aerial opportunities are also popular activities within Adventure WV. Students are able to get a discount on zip line canopy tours at the Outdoor Education Center as well as the multitude of high ropes courses.

Educational experiences focus more on the science behind the adventures like zip lining and climbing. Adventure leaders include a STEM curriculum in the adventure that build on physics and engineering principles.

In addition to the adventures offered at the Outdoor Education Center, Adventure WV allows students to participate in guided backpacking, biking, and ski and snowboard trips.

All of these activities require students to sign up in advance on Adventure WV’s website:

Outdoor clubs are also offered by Adventure WV such as climbing, fly fishing, snowboard and water sports.

“[Activities are] 100% free for students,” Belknap said.

Although adventures are somewhat limited due to COVID-19, the organization is still looking to help students.

“[We rely on] the importance of community to keep ourselves together during this hard time,” Belknap said.

Due to COVID-19, Adventure WV will not offer international trips or break trips as it did before, and gear rentals are also unavailable for the semester. It hopes to offer these again in the 2021-22 school year.