A new opportunity to create a mural on the Westover bridge pillars is open to artists and artistic teams.

The mural itself is in an original site, in the middle of Hazel Ruby McQuain Park and Walnut Street Landing, and will be visible from the nearby walking trails. People will be able to see the mural from all those locations, making it such an interesting location.

The Director of Arts and Cultural Development, Vincent Kitch, said the mural will be “designed for this specific site in the park”.

The city is looking for an artist or artistic team to design the mural specifically for the physical location and the related surroundings. Because the mural will be painted on the bridge’s pillars, it will have a very unique shape, which artists will have to keep in mind.

“We want artists to create a beautiful enhancement for the riverfront,” Kitch said.

According to Kitch, the Arts and Cultural Development Department with the City of Morgantown is looking to revamp this particular area with art because. “that area has been tagged with graffiti over the years and it’s kind of an ugly eyesore.”

With views of the Hazel Ruby McQuain Park, walking trails, and of course the riverfront, this new mural will bring extra beauty to this area.

The city is currently taking applications for artists and are open to any creative ideas for this painted mural. Applicants must provide samples of their art with a caption sheet, a resume or cover letter, three references and a letter of interest.

The selection process, explained by Kitch, “is a multi step process” that will narrow down artists before the city makes a final selection.

“We’re open to any kind of creative process, if an artist wants to involve the community or come and work on their own, it’s really an open competition,” Kitch said.

The Arts and Cultural Development Department will spend multiple months selecting an artist or artistic team and then selecting the actual design.

The completion of the mural is planned for spring of 2022 and there will be a formal dedication in celebration of the art upon completion.

As murals and public art are on the rise in Morgantown, including three new murals in the downtown area and six utility box murals completed within the last year, this new mural on the Westover bridge will continue to light up the city with beautiful art.

Artists that want to apply should email Vincent Kitch at vkitch@morgantownwv.gov for more application information.

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