The 1863 Live Homecoming Kickoff concert and pep rally at Mylan Park featuring NLE Choppa, Chief Keef and Tyga will be postponed until further notice, as per an announcement made on Sept. 9.

“The cancellation of the event was due to the latest surge in COVID-19 and the Delta variant,” said Federico (Fede) Perez, financial investor and marketing coordinator for the show.

This decision was made after contacting local officials in preparation for the event.

“Given the timeline of the event and the latest circumstances (regarding COVID-19) around the state, and with our show being an indoor event, we had to cancel to avoid any super-spreader events,” Perez said.

This show was intended to replace the Fall Fest WVU students were unable to have this year, due to current vaccination rates at the University.

“The first thing we want to do is engage with the kids, and get them involved using our platform, WVU After Dark,” said LaDon Garrett, the booking agent, and organizer of the event.

Student engagement and input are a focal point to the show’s success. Garrett assured that he understands the social dynamic at the University, and he wants people to know that these events cannot happen without the students.

“We can’t do it without you guys,” Garrett said.

He also said that with the recent cancellation of the Sept. 30 show, they are hoping to maintain the same acts or get even bigger names to come to perform at a later date.

“Unfortunately, a lot of acts were on tour during this time of year. A lot of the main people we were reaching for like Lil Baby and Jack Harlow were already booked,” Garrett said in regards to the current lineup.

Future acts for the rescheduled show are dependent on what students ask for.

“This show is for the students. It all depends on what they want. All we do is put everything together,” he said.

In terms of plans for a new show in the future, Perez said, “Eventually, we will come back. We just haven’t had the opportunity to discuss when or where. The main priority right now is getting students their money back and to start processing all their refunds.”

Garrett and Perez are both organizers who were putting everything together for this show. They both work for 1863 Live and WVU After Dark. The WVU After Dark platform has been established in the state for a while now with a goal to make West Virginia a contender in the music and entertainment industry.

“There is no reason to go to Pittsburgh or Maryland for a show or concert,” Perez said.

These events are not only to entertain but to increase tourism in the state and change the stigmas surrounding West Virginia.

“Success is in our roots as a state, we have just been stuck on a rough path,” Perez said.

Both Perez and Garrett are confident that given the opportunity, they have the skills, the team, and the willingness to bring something new to this state.

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