Students show off their Crocs, which can be worn with and without socks.

Many know Crocs as their favorite foam footwear from the past, but the childhood classic has been gaining popularity in recent years, this time in the young adult crowd.

The Crocs brand started in 2002 and peaked in the late 2000s. After struggling for a few years, including a brush with bankruptcy and change in management, Crocs was on the rise once again in 2017. 

Now, with the reign of the ugly sandal in full swing, Crocs is basking in the glory along with companies like Chaco and Birkenstock.

When Crocs debuted, they were seen as a kid’s shoe that looked tacky on adults. Now, some college students are drawn to the footwear because of the nostalgia associated with them.

“It brings back my childhood,” said Alexia Morrow, a freshman marketing student. “They’re also comfortable but more durable than slippers.”

Additionally, Crocs are versatile, giving wearers the option of wearing the shoe’s strap around their heel for security or pushed forward for comfort. Most seem to keep the strap forward, but a few still opt for “four-wheel drive.”

Along with comfort and versatility, another perk everyone agrees on is the ability to slide them on and off quickly. 

“They’re just easy to slide on and just go,” said freshman Kaylee Schlaefli, who does not currently own a pair, but has the intention of buying one in the future.

Crocs have also gained steam after becoming a popular internet joke, ranging from videos of people going “croc hunting” to videos of others filling the holey shoes with shaving cream or baked beans and watching chaos ensue as they insert their foot.

The company seems to have embraced this comedic status, recently introducing a new product that sent online fans into a tizzy.

On Feb. 12, Crocs announced its new collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken, adding to the long list of companies Crocs has partnered with. The world was presented with images of the new shoe, resembling a bucket of chicken from the well-known fast food restaurant.

But they didn’t stop there.

Also resulting from the collaboration is a new set of Jibbitz, small charms that can be poked into the holes of the shoe, that look and smell like a KFC chicken wing.

So, whether it be a funky fashion statement or a last-minute decision, it looks like the footwear that everyone loves to hate is back and better than ever, and they’re not leaving any time soon.