DA Banquet

At the end of every academic year, the DA staff gathers to honor each other with their annual staff awards. This year, the group met virtually via a Zoom call. 

Here are this year's winners:

Award For Diligence- Editorial

Jared Serre

Award For Diligence- Advertising/PR

Sarah Stanford

Award For Leadership- Editorial

Douglas Soule

Award For Leadership- Advertising/PR           

Savannah Thomas

Award For Most Compelling Visuals Photo And Video- Editorial 

Duncan Slade

Team Influencer Award- Advertising/PR

Jordan Coddington

Award For Most Influential Full Time Staff Member- Editorial

Adell Crowe

Award For Most Influential Full Time Staff Member- Advertising/PR

Joanne Hunt

Award For The Individualist Go-Getter- Editorial     

Raeanne Beckner

Award For The Individualist Go-Getter- Advertising/PR    

Tara Ronaghi

Award For Most Confidence- Editorial

Caylie Silveira

Award For Most Confidence- Advertising/PR

Derek Reh

Award For The Problem Solver- Editorial       

Cole McClanahan

Award For The Problem Solver- Advertising/PR       

Hannah Williams