Mashup 2

Thankful messages from past years. 

Diversity. Love. Family. Friends. These are some of the things WVU students are thankful for.

So, what are you thankful for?

The DA Thankful Tree has gone virtual this year, and from now until November 29, you can express what you’re thankful for by posting on social media using #DAthankful4. Each post will appear on our website at https://www.thedaonlinecom/thankful, as well as across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Family, friends and pets have been some of the top reasons Mountaineers have been thankful in the past, while others are more elaborate when showing their gratitude. 

Started in 2016, the Thankful Tree usually sprouts right before the Thanksgiving break in the Mountainlair, and it’s bare branches are filled with various paper leaves students use to write what they’re thankful for. This year, the tree will stay socially distant by sprouting online, in hopes that a wave of gratitude can envelop social media with all the things we are thankful for this time of year.