The main issue when you get a new apartment is deciding what exactly you need to live. A lot of the time you end up making grocery runs but realize you just got a bunch of unnecessary items. But you also do not live with your parents anymore, so you must decorate your living area on your own. Well, hopefully this checklist gets you on the right track.

Food you will actually eat:

When it comes to buying groceries, you only need to buy the basics. Milk, eggs, vegetables, fruit, bread and whatever kind of meat you prefer. If you consider yourself lactose intolerant, it would be recommended you buy almond milk or oat milk. With these basic items you can create whatever meal you like, depending on what recipe you decide to follow.

Cleaning supplies:

Unless you want to be considered the unclean roommate, it’s best you get some cleaning supplies to keep your apartment pretty clean. A vacuum, a broom, disinfecting wipes and disinfectant spray are some of the essentials to keep your apartment clean. If you have an apartment that includes hardwood floors, it would probably be best to get a Swiffer, which could be helpful when it comes to sweeping and mopping your floors.

Dishes and cooking utensils:

You need to have something you can eat your food with, so buying dishes and kitchen utensils is essential. Also buying pots and pans so you can your cook food with, is probably a good idea. Buying a basic set of plates, forks, spoons, frying pans, pots and cooking utensils, should have you ready to cook and eat whatever you need.

Command strips:

That might be a very small item, but it’ll be a life saver if you’re renting an apartment. When you’re renting out a place, the lease a lot of the time will specify to not damage the apartment by nailing anything on the walls. So that means you must think of other ways to decorate your walls. Well thankfully Command strips exist and for the most part, they’re pretty easy to remove. There are also various types of Command strips for whatever you’re trying to hang on your wall.

Storage space:

This might be an odd one, but sometimes you might want to buy totes, baskets, or small cabinets to store things in. A lot of the time you might run out of space to store things in, so buying small baskets to slide under your bed might be helpful.

Hygiene products:

This is just something for yourself and not really your apartment. But you also don’t want to annoy your roommates and classmates because you smell bad. So, buying some basic shower products and deodorant might help you out.

Trash can:

It’s unusual how many people don’t have a trash can in their apartment, so this is a must. You don’t want your guests just throwing trash on your floor.