someone meditating

Meditation is another great way to de-stress!

You’re cramming harder than any other student has before. You’ve abused your body by drinking energy drink after energy drink to stay awake, and you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a solid month. You’ve been worrying so hard about the grade of the last project you sent in that you probably developed a stomach ulcer.

That just isn’t healthy for you.

Finals week is the most crucial time in any student’s campus life, a time where you shut yourself away in the library or your dorm and knock out the books. Killing yourself with stress isn’t the best way to deal with it, however.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind to help you relax for a few minutes, so you can survive until the summer:

1.) Just Take a Deep Breath: As cliché and pointless as that sounds, if you find yourself about to rip your hair out because you don’t understand something, just step away from the desk for a moment, close your eyes and inhale. This part of the year might suck, but things will get better. Steel yourself with the knowledge that you will make it out in the end. It’s going to be okay.

2.) Watch Some TV: Netflix is a gift from the heavens during finals week. If you’re finding yourself about to shut down from nonstop studying, shut down the computer instead and pull up your favorite comedy or drama series. Think you’re dying from finals? Pull up “Game of Thrones” on HBO GO and watch your favorite characters die instead. Take a break from reality and just unwind. By that same token, you can also:

3.) Play Some Games: Games, whether they’re of the video, board or sports variety, are all great ways to relieve stress and tension. The competition within these games is a healthy outlet to vent your frustrations and have a little fun along the way. Don’t crush your keyboard out of frustration, crush that guy talking trash over the microphone on “Halo” instead.

4.) Head Out for Awhile: Drop the textbook, get some friends together and just go out on a walk. Get some food, unwind and enjoy the cool spring air. It’s beautiful outside, don’t spend all your time in your room like a book-craving troglodyte. 

5.) Listen to Some Music: If you absolutely can’t stop studying, try and add some tunes into the mix to make the experience a little more enjoyable. Something in the background, no matter what, is almost always a good way to refresh your brain and keep you energized. 

Ultimately, just do your best to stay afloat and stay happy. This is a rough time, and sometimes it might not go the way you think it will, but there’s no reason to make yourself miserable over it. You can make it through this; just try not to kill yourself along the way.