In response to COVID-19, WVU Dining Services has implemented a variety of different safety and sanitation measures.

Tiffany Peden and Whitley Warbel from WVU Dining Services explained many of the changes, including the additions of employee temperature checks, sneeze guards, plexiglass and extra sanitation stations. Food will be served by employees rather than self-served, and dining areas will be open at 50% capacity.

Dining services will also be implementing a clean team at every dining location on campus.

“They are designated to go around and continuously be sanitizing tables and eating areas to make sure everything is following proper protocol and precaution measures,” Warbel said.

Some locations, including Boreman Bistro and the Brew ‘n Gold Café, will be delayed in opening this semester until more students return to campus.

The three meal plans for freshman students living on campus include the Go 10 Plan, Go 13 Plan and the Go Anytime Plan. Each of these plans include meal swipes, which can be used at any dining hall, as well as dining dollars that can be used at any on-campus dining location. Students with the Go 10 and Go 13 plans are also able to use meal swipes at Oakland Hall’s Park Place.

Peden noted that WVU Dining’s free nutrition counseling is still open to students.

“One of our hidden gems as an offering is our dietician, Cami [McMillen-Haught],” she said. “She is a great resource for students to use if they have food allergies, food intolerances or if they are looking to specialize their diet, if they are looking to lose weight, to gain muscle, something like that.”

Dining Services aims to provide students with a variety of options.

“Each of the dining halls has something kind of unique to offer,” Peden said. “Chef Nate at Café Evansdale really likes to explore different regional cuisines, so he’ll have Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food and that's a really cool offering that he does. Summit Café has really great pizza, and Hatfields has really great Mongolian.”

WVU students appreciate the differences between eateries as well.

“I especially love Taziki's [Mediterranean Cafe] the best for the Pimento cheese sandwiches; however, when I was a freshman, Café Evansdale had a B-Y-O pasta bar, which was the best tasting thing on the whole campus,” said Hyatt George, a senior history student.

Devon Furash, a junior sport management student, also named some of her favorite campus dining locations, including Which Wich, Waldo's Chicken and Hugh Baby's.

“Waldo's has some excellent fried chicken and also their loaded mac and cheese is to die for, but just make sure you have time to go home and take a nap afterwards because it’ll put you right to sleep,” she said.

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