The Sigma Alpha professional sorority at their 2019 fall retreat.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of WVU’s professional Greek organizations are using the Internet to offer the same experiences.

“We decided to proceed as usual, because everything is like this right now,” said Tiffini Sisler, recruitment chair for Sigma Alpha. “We decided we should provide everyone with the full experience that they would get in a normal time.”

Sigma Alpha, a professional agricultural sorority, is one of many professional Greek organizations that provides valuable opportunities to its members. These include national conferences and fun get-togethers, all of which are intended to help build a community and sense of togetherness in the organization.

The experiences provided by these organizations are helpful for career and skill-building, too. Sisler said that in the past, Sigma Alpha has offered events for resume and cover letter building.

With the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, these types of events have been forced to move online.

According to Katie Moore, the assistant director for fraternal values and leadership at WVU, many professional Greek organizations are handling fall recruitment and engagement in a similar way to Sigma Alpha. These include Phi Sigma Pi, Alpha Omega Epsilon, AOE, Alpha Phi Omega, Omega Phi Alpha and others.

“They’re all doing Zoom hangouts and meeting as a larger group that way,” Moore said.

Moore also said that smaller get-togethers, such as one-on-one meetings for coffee, might still happen in-person.

In addition to the usual events over Zoom, recruitment is also being done through social media and various Internet platforms.

“Quite a few have put up Google forums, which has been pretty successful for some of them,” Moore said.

Many groups have also used social media to put out flyers, as well as reaching out to their friends and peers to see if they are interested, according to Moore.

While Sisler said that the transition to online recruitment and activities has been extra work, according to her, it is worth it to keep the organizations active.

“We’re still trying to provide as full experience as we can,” Sisler said. “We want to keep members active, so that when we switch back to in-person, we’ve stayed involved and kept the organization growing.”

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