The threat of rain did not repel people from listening to jazz in a Morgantown park. On Tuesday, the James Moore Quintet played at Krepps Park surrounded by a crowd.

Emily Harmon and Caleb McHenry sat on a blanket and munched on chocolates as the music flowed.

“I thought it would be something fun to do with my boyfriend,” said Harmon. “This is a beautiful park and there are nice people here.

McHenry said, “I did Jazz band in high school. I like to come to these sorts of things. The sound of jazz is relaxing.”

“It was cool to get a nice crowd,” said James Moore, who plays the trumpet. “You never know with an outside gig if there’s going to be people. The weather was a little threatening.”

“The people seemed to be into it,” he said. “We were just playing tunes that we like to play and trying to give people a good time.”

“Jazz is not popular, but it is one of the great American contributions to art,” said Kyle Andrews, the drummer of the Quintet. “It is our culture, whether people listen to it or not.”

“I think people don’t think they like jazz because they don’t hear it,” he said. “They’re not exposed to it. And when people actually go to hear it, I find that they are genuinely surprised how much they enjoy it.”

Each song played at the park was a version never before heard.

“Jazz is improvisational,” said Kyle Andrews. “Jazz is a language. We all have this common rhythmic vocabulary and melodic vocabulary. So when someone plays an idea, the rest of us all have this language in common that we use to comment on it, play with it, or play contrary to it. We all have a freedom to do that.”

There will be more concerts held in Morgantown parks throughout the summer due to BOPARC’s Sounds of Summer, which is a Family Friendly Concert Series. For dates of other concerts and musical festivities, look below.


Event Schedule for Sounds of Summer.

Douglas Soule is the editor-in-chief for the Daily Athenaeum. He previously served as assistant news editor at the Daily Athenaeum. He has interned at the Charleston Gazette-Mail and the Daily Athenaeum. He is a junior at WVU.