Laptop stickers showing the uniqueness of the WVU student population.

Laptop stickers showing the uniqueness of the WVU student population.

When walking around WVU’s campus, there is more to notice than just the beauty of Woodburn Hall or the breathtaking colors of fall. While observing the student population, it is easy to see the emerging trends that spread like wildfire due to pop culture and social media.

It’s time to explore one of the most popular trends on campus: laptop stickers.

From students doing homework in the Mountainlair to crowded tables in the library, almost every laptop has at least a few carefully-collaged stickers.

“I think that laptop stickers are such a large trend because they are a way for students to express their individuality,” Sadie Arnold, a pre-communication sciences and disorders and dance major, said.

This answer seems to be a common theme among many students, and Arnold expressed that these stickers spark interest for surrounding students.

“I think a laptop sticker is eye-catching when it is something that I recognize,” Arnold said. “The most popular sticker is probably the name of the sorority and fraternity that the student may be in.”

Popular sticker-selling sites, such as Redbubble, carry wide varieties of stickers, from pop culture references to location-based and even user-made stickers.

“Everyone on campus has a laptop and uses it day-to-day,” Hunter Moore, a sophomore aerospace and mechanical engineering student, said. “It only makes sense that it would become an avenue of expression.”

Moore also believed that stickers are not a way to judge someone’s personality, but rather to glimpse into their interests.

“Every laptop is different and is usually a reflection of the owner — many are funny, others are artistic, and all are usually descriptive of a personality in one way or another,” Moore said.

Though these paper sensations may be dominating the college age group, some may not understand the purpose behind them.

Morgan Duty, an English student, talked about how her parents viewed the sticker trend.

“I think it is funny how laptop stickers are completely normal on campus, but my parents think they are so weird,” Duty said.

According to, stickers are a tool of advertising that are made popular by millennials due to their mistrust in traditional advertising.

Even when stickers aren’t used to promote a business or service, they have taken younger generations by storm due to their ability to relate students to one another. A seemingly passive trend holds the ability to unite groups of students on campuses everywhere.

“Laptop stickers are a great way for students to share what is important to them,” Arnold said.