The 2017 homecoming king and queen.

Charlie Hageboeck and Morgan Cunningham win West Virginia University homecoming king and queen in 2017.

As this year’s Homecoming approaches, the 2017 Homecoming king and queen still feel honored to have served the university.

For reigning Homecoming royalty Morgan Cunningham and Charles Hageboeck, the season was spent serving the community and representing West Virginia University.

From the campaigning process to being crowned at the homecoming game, both Cunningham and Hageboeck felt immense support from the student body. The interactions with their fellow peers, faculty and the community are what made the experience so enjoyable.

“You come away with some good stories about where other students are from and

what brought them to WVU,” Hageboeck said. “I have stories from first-generation college students and stories from freshmen who were still exploring.”

For Cunningham, another fulfilling part of being queen was getting to be a positive ambassador for the school. Applying for Homecoming queen was the ultimate way for her to express her passion for the university.

“I was excited to apply because I love WVU,” Cunningham said. “As an out-of-state student, I didn't grow up watching games or knowing a lot about the school, but WVU truly became my home, and the people became my family.”

The honor of being named king and queen came with responsibilities. The two attended various community service events and volunteered in the area. Hageboeck explained their rigorous efforts were a way of making the community a better place.

“As queen, I felt my main responsibility was to represent WVU justly,” Cunningham said.

The hard work and courage put in by the two students successfully mirrored the values of the university.

This year’s Homecoming application was due Sept. 12. The judges selected the top ten candidates for interviews on Monday.

Active campaigning begins on Sept. 26 at 12:01 a.m. The newest court members will network with students once again and voting begins the next day.

On Saturday, Oct. 6 at Milan Puskar Stadium, during the WVU football game against Kansas, Cunningham and Hageboeck will give up their crowns and titles to the 2018 Homecoming king and queen.

Correction: An earlier edition of the article said active campaigning began on Oct. 1. That date was changed to Sept. 26.