Movies always tend to increase in release with the coming of summer. Students are getting out of school and people generally find themselves with more free time to do things. There’s a reason why the term “summer blockbuster” exists. It seems this year’s products were early bloomers because April is absolutely crammed full of releases. With so much to choose from, it might be a little daunting to decide upon one, so here is a list of five of them to keep track of.

1. “Avengers: Endgame:” 

Perhaps the most obvious to make this list, “Endgame” follows in the direct aftermath of groundbreaking “Avengers: Infinity War” and will serve as the conclusion for the vast majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to this point. Having recently made headlines by breaking ticket sale records and ticket sale websites, you might have some trouble getting into this one on its opening day of April 26.

2. “Hellboy:” 

A reboot to the film adaptations of the popular graphic novels by Mike Mignola, “Hellboy” sees the titular anti-hero played this time by actor David Harbour. Viewed by many fans as being an adaptation more faithful to its source material than the original two films, “Hellboy” is set to release on April 12. 

3. “Shazam!:” 

Releasing tomorrow on April 5, “Shazam!” is a new entry into the DC Cinematic Universe that seems to be taking a wide step away from the gritty, dark tones that received heavy criticism from comic book fans in favor a comedic and light-hearted mood. “Shazam!” might be what DC needs to break its record of middling to poorly-received superhero movies.

4. “Pet Sematary:” 

A new take on the Stephen King horror novel of the same name, “Pet Sematary” explores a story about the consequences of messing with the dead, and the dead promptly messing with you. With the original film from the 1980s being remembered as a cult classic, be prepared to be scared on April 5.

5. “The Best of Enemies:” 

A dramatic film centering upon the life of Ann Atwater, an American civil rights activist. Playing heavily with her relationship with high-ranking Ku Klux Klan member C.P. Ellis, “The Best of Enemies” seems like a chance to explore a moment in civil rights history that is scarcely covered in most classrooms.