Jeff Grable

Musician Jeff Grable at a pre-pandemic show.

Jeff Grable is a local musician who, during the COVID-19 pandemic, managed to create and put together a whole album during isolation.

Grable’s new upcoming album is called “Glass Ego,” where he explores various themes relating to the human life experience.

“The whole life experience, that’s what I always write about, either stuff I experience or stuff that I see other people experiencing,” Grable said.

Additionally, the “Glass Ego” title of the album was derived from the lyrics of one of the songs included in the album, according to Grable.

“It was basically written out of being in certain situations where I think a lot of musicians are pretty self-conscious about what they do, and all that stuff, and they feel rejected a lot,” Grable said.

“Glass Ego” has been a long-working project according to Grable, even before the pandemic, but halfway through the process, he was forced to go into isolation due to COVID-19.

“Probably close to half of it was written like right afterwards,” Grable said. “So, a lot of that was just how I was feeling about being put out of work and just how life has changed since then.”

According to Grable, he had begun recording this album in early June 2020 and had just finished the post-production process in February 2021.

Grable took a different approach in this album when it came to the instrumental side of the music.

“With recording this new album, I wanted it to be more of a full band production instead of just me doing a solo acoustic thing,” Grable said. “So, I played all the instruments.”

According to Grable, he covered the drums, base, keyboard and strings in the music he created for the “Glass Ego” album.

Additionally, Grable addressed what it was like being a musician during the pandemic and according to him, it felt nothing like it.

“Well, I didn’t feel like a musician,” Grable said. “Cause you know, everything was completely shut down, I was completely put out of work, so it was rough man.”

Grable said being a musician has not been terrible financially during the pandemic, but it also has not been great.

Online sales for music and merch have helped Grable, and he also has conducted live streams over the past year.

“Basically, I was living off my savings account, but yeah, the livestreams and the online sales, music and stuff like that definitely helped out,” Grable said.

Despite the still ongoing pandemic, things are looking better for Grable with the upcoming release date of his new album and live shows

“I’ve started booking some shows for the summer. I mean, I don’t have anything until — the middle of May is the first actual live show I have,” Grable said.

Grable stated that his “Glass Ego” album will be released on April 30 and will be available on all streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

You can also find more of Grable’s music on his bandcamp website.