Timmy Eads celebrates being named the 2019-2020 Mountaineer.

Timmy Eads celebrates being named the 2019-2020 Mountaineer.

Timmy Eads, a sophomore public relations student from Buffalo, West Virginia, has been named the new Mountaineer.

“During my time as the Mountaineer, I hope to share my pride and love for both the University and state with the great people that I meet throughout the year. With that being said, I also look forward to hearing from those I meet as well,” Eads said.

Eads hopes to bring passion and pride to WVU. Currently, Eads serves as the alternate Mountaineer with Trevor Kiess serving as the current Mountaineer.

“I’ve learned so much from Trevor during my time as the alternate. He has definitely been one of my greatest role models throughout the year. From watching him in the buckskins to talking with him and asking him questions, he has always been someone I could look up to and learn how to truly be a Mountaineer,” Eads said.

Eads said his family and friends are just as excited as he is for him to be the Mountaineer.

“The town of Buffalo has had my back every step of the way. Growing up in a small town, the community watches you grow up and everyone truly wants to see you succeed and reach your goals,” Eads said.

Eads is no stranger to the concept of embracing Appalachian culture. He grew up with a background in agriculture and interns with the WVU Extension Service Small Farm Center.

“West Virginia is a state where agriculture is very popular, and I truly believe there is a future in the field for this state. By being involved in the agricultural field, I feel that it has better prepared me in so many ways for both the Mountaineer position and for my life in general. My involvement with [the Future Farmers of America] really laid the groundwork for leadership, public speaking and so much more,” Eads said.

Along with being an intern with WVU extension, Eads also serves on the Mountaineer Mmaniacs executive board, WVU Collegiate Farm Bureau, and he is a presidential student ambassador.

Eads credits his decision to major in strategic communications to his days in FFA.

“Although Strat Comm isn’t specifically an agricultural field, there were many things I learned in the FFA that helped me realize that it was the right major of study for me. Through multiple competitions in marketing, business and public speaking, I saw that public relations was something I enjoyed and I felt I could thrive in,” Eads said.

After graduation, he plans to pursue graduate school at WVU.

While being the Mountaineer is a huge time commitment and a tremendous amount of work, it is not without its benefits. The position comes with perks such as a tuition waiver, a parking pass and a stipend.

“The biggest perk of being the Mountaineer is the opportunity to represent Mountaineers all across the nation on a daily basis,” Eads said.

He hopes that next year’s students will respond to him in a positive manner. Eads said he is looking forward to leading students at sporting events and interacting with them around campus.