For almost 40 years, Charlie Brown movies have become common household traditions.

With about 30 little kids running around excited to watch the movie with their friends and parents, the Morgantown Public Library hosted a children’s "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" watch party yesterday.

In the basement media room, kids were able to grab holiday bags with delicious treats, including popcorn, pretzels, M&Ms, jellybeans and bread. At the end, kids were able to take Charlie Brown themed crafts home.

"I think it is really nice when we can show movies and show different things that are actually based on books," said Cathy McMaster, program coordinator for the library. "This is actually the 65th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip so just a couple weeks ago we did a Peanuts Party. It was a snoopy and friends party. We are just really trying to highlight them this year because I think it does bring in kids."

The library hosts many events for kids to come and participate in.

"It is a big social aspect to bring your families in to the library for kids to interact with other kids, other families and everything is free," McMaster said. "It is free and everything is so expensive now a days. I don’t think that people use the libraries as well as they should."

Regulars at the library, Tracy and Evelyn Sheets attended the movie. Evelyn is a first grader at Mountainview Elementary School. This was the second time that Evelyn has seen the Charlie Brown movie today. When she thinks of Thanksgiving, she thinks of turkey.

"I think it is really important," Tracy said, Evelyn’s mom. "It is fun and then it gets kids to come in and read even if they are hesitant to start reading. They come in and do these fun things which encourage them."

Next up, on Nov. 17, Caitlin Barber, who is the author of "Twas the night before game day the West Virginia Mountaineers," and Mountaineer sports players from the past and present will have an autograph session.

On Nov. 19, kids can read to dogs in the Read to Rover event. This allows kids to read out loud to therapy dogs. This gives children the opportunity to practice their reading skills with someone who won’t judge them. The dogs will only sit, listen and wag their tails.

Finally, on Dec. 5, the library is hosting a Disney Christmas. The event will be themed around Disney books and movie characters. There will be craft stations, activities and even special guest appearances from Disney characters.

"Once they come in and they get hooked on the movies then they might try to find a book or comic strips or anything. Anything to get them reading is our goal at the library," McMaster said.

The library’s goal is to inspire kids to find their love for reading.

"Here is the sad thing is that people keep saying that libraries are dying but they will only die if we let them," McMaster said.

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