After more than a decade in movie purgatory, the superhero flick "Deadpool" was finally released Feb. 12, and the wait was entirely worth it. The film has already enjoyed huge commercial success, becoming the highest grossing R-rated opening weekend in North America.

The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, a sardonic hired gun gifted with immortality and incredible regenerative powers after a painful experiment leaves him physically scarred but cancer-free.

Fans of the series were initially nervous when "Deadpool" was announced. The character’s trademark quirky, dark humor and frequent habit of breaking the fourth wall are what make him so entertaining. However, it takes a deft team of writers to make this work, and when Deadpool isn’t done properly his qualities become more cringe-worthy than anything else.

Fortunately, the cast and crew of "Deadpool" executed everything perfectly, and this is immediately clear from the second the opening credits start. Gratuitous violence and a blend of ironic, morbid and immature humor are all mixed together perfectly, keeping the audience entertained and giving fans one of the best possible iterations of Deadpool.

The plot is simple but effective. Wade Wilson, Deadpool before the immortality mutation, is a mercenary. One night at a bar that serves as a mercenary meeting spot, he meets a beautiful woman named Vanessa, and they both quickly fall in love. About a year into the relationship, Wilson proposes and collapses immediately after. It turns out an aggressive form of cancer has permeated most of Wilson’s body. Not wishing to put Vanessa through the trouble of dealing with his terminal illness, Wilson leaves one night and seeks out a secret program that promises to heal him.

The shady organization cures Wilson’s cancer and grants him amazing regenerative powers that render him almost immortal, but it comes at a cost: Wilson becomes horribly disfigured in the process. Because of this, he is too ashamed and cannot work up the courage to see Vanessa again.

Thus, the masked vigilante Deadpool is born and begins the process of hunting down the man who disfigured him, Francis.

"Deadpool" is flawlessly executed and keeps the audience entertained the whole time. With a character as crazy as Deadpool, balance is the key, and the movie balances humor and violence perfectly.

The action scenes are graphic and violent without crossing over into being offensively gory. Bad guys are shot, dismembered and killed in a variety of creative ways, and it is a lot of fun to watch.

Deadpool wouldn’t be Deadpool without sarcastic, sometimes childish quips and addressing the audience directly. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall a lot, but it never seems forced. Some of the funniest lines involve Deadpool giving the audience little nods that he recognizes he’s in a movie. In one scene at the X-Men mansion, Deadpool asks why they have such a big house if it’s only populated by two people. He then looks in the camera and says the studio could probably only afford to license two X-Men characters. These types of jokes are throughout the movie and were always met with audience laughter.

It’s been a long road to "Deadpool"- more than 10 years of being bounced from studio to studio, a horribly executed cameo in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and the ever-present risk of a flop. However, the cast and crew put a ton of effort into the movie, and it shows. "Deadpool" is flawless, action-packed, hilarious and self-aware all at the same time. If you haven’t yet, put seeing "Deadpool" on your to-do list.