In the spirit of this wonderful time of the year, one of the best things you can do is watch scary movies, and one of the best movies to watch is "Halloween."

jamie lee curtis promoting Halloween

A promotional photo of Jamie Lee Curtis used to tease 2018's "Halloween" movie. 

Not the Rob Zombie 2007 "Halloween"or the 2018 "Halloween"film. No, I’m talking about the 1978 classic horror film "Halloween"directed by John Carpenter.

Legendary director John Carpenter along with Debra Hill is behind the absolute genius that is "Halloween." While nowadays slasher films are a flooded market, 40 years ago the only other slasher film of notoriety was Alfred Hitchcock’s "Psycho," which heavily inspired Carpenter in making this film.

"Halloween"was a catalyst in which modern-day slasher-films are made of, and while "Psycho"was the original, "Halloween"was the more influential of the two in terms of modern-day slasher flicks.

The story of "Halloween"is well-known. One fateful Halloween night in1963, six-year-old Michael Myers horrendously murdered his older sister Judith. Myers was then sentenced for 15 years and was “taken care” of by Dr. Brackett. However, 15 years later, on Oct. 30, 1978, Myers escaped while being transferred and returned to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois where he stalks his prey, including Laurie Storud, played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

While this is similar to practically any other slasher film in history, the way Carpenter establishes the tone for this film differentiates itself from every other slasher film including the 2018 "Halloween."

"Halloween"2018, the latest film in the long-standing "Halloween"series, is directed by David Gordon Green and recasts Jaime Lee Curtis as her famous character Laurie Stroud.

However, unlike the other films in the series, "Halloween" 2018completely erases every other film in the franchise and establishes this film as the only sequel.

The story of "Halloween" 2018picks up in modern day, 40 years after the events of the original film Myers is back after a bus transfer goes horribly wrong he returns back to Haddonfield, Illinois so he can finally murder Laurie Stroud; however unlike last time, Stroud has been waiting for this to happen, and she’s waiting for Myers to show up so she can finally end his reign of terror.

Now while this seems like a great premise, this film frustratingly underperforms. While the dynamic between Stroud and Myers is fantastic, what this film fails to do is establish a real tone.

The reason "Halloween" 1978works and is a masterpiece in the horror genre is because it leaves audience members on edge whenever Myers shows up. And while there are a few moments in the new film, it never can consistently put the audience in a state of anticipation.

Another dynamic this film could have done greatly is the dynamic between Laurie Stroud and her family. It is expressed in the film that the events of the original have put Laurie on the edge 24/7, she has been waiting for the day when Michael shows up again.

This puts a toll on everyone close to her, including her daughter who believes Laurie is estranged. This is a great dynamic and has proven to work before in films like "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."However, the mother-daughter dynamic is interrupted by Laurie’s granddaughter who unfortunately fills the role of stereotypical high-schooler portrayed in every other slasher film.

"Halloween" 2018is a very frustrating film, especially since it showed signs of greatness. Itcould have finally been the sequel in this troubled series to finally close this story out, but unfortunately, it just joins the list of failures in this series, and while it isn’t the worst film in this franchise, the fact is it could have been better.