Jurassic World


Chris Pratt takes on multiple dinosaurs in his role in Jurassic World.


There’s a certain stigma that goes along with the tireless reincarnation of certain movie franchises. Lest we all forget the train wreck that was "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull." Despite the fact that certain blockbuster classics are better remembered than remastered, the world still eagerly awaited the release of Jurassic World. It didn’t disappoint.

Although revamped with a little more CGI, "Jurassic World"  kept to the same principles as its past movies. We see the corporate big guy who forgets that these gentle giants have feelings too. We also see the person who originally hates kids, but ends up loving them. They’re quickly reminded of what life was like before they got to be so jaded. These are a just a handful of the life lessons placed throughout the film, proving this isn’t your typical dinosaur movie.

"Jurassic World" brought to the table something not even fans could have predicted: Laughter. With new inventive characters who always have something witty to add, it was strange to think how the audience was overcome with laughter rather than fear. And with a guest cameo from Jimmy Fallon, this movie is full of funny tidbits for all types of Jurassic fans. 

When considering giving this oldie a new chance, don’t let history steer you wrong. "Jurassic World" is a classic effortlessly retold. Everyone wants to see the dream get bigger. With Jurassic Park now Jurassic World, the environment takes on a new touristy aesthetic, resembling something along the lines of Universal Studios. Being able to recreate dinosaurs is no longer as impressive as it used to be, so mad scientists become deeply fascinated with making their little miracles into war-waging beasts. With more gore than previous films, the death count for this movie is strikingly high. 

But storyline and setting aside, the cast truly delivers. Chris Pratt, who plays some kind of velociraptor trainer, teaches us the importance of friendship. Whether among dinosaurs or his red headed corporate love interest played by Bryce Dallas Howard, Pratt’s character embodies the true essence of loyalty and love. With the film showcasing constant power struggles between humans and dinosaurs, older brothers and younger brothers, or good versus evil, the movie couples unpredictability with the same classic tale we know and love. 

Now, that’s not to say the monsters haven’t changed. You can’t have a dinosaur movie without big players like the ferocious T-Rex. But all the added gene splicing could have made the movie a bit too science-fiction heavy. But, filmmakers avoided crossing this line. 

With the creation of a new evil species that hunts cute long-necked dinosaurs for sport, the movie has a way of pulling on one’s heartstrings. Fans’ emotions were especially on edge in the scene in which a brachiosaurus is taking its last few breaths in Chris Pratt’s arms. There’s this strange moment where the creature has this helpless expression. I think it was trying to convey to Pratt’s character that it’s all about survival of the fittest. It is this combination of action, emotion and a little light-heartedness that makes this franchise so memorable.