Gluck Theater

The Gluck Theater, located inside the Mountainlair, is showing "Mandela-Long Walk to Freedom: Nelson Mandela Remembered" on Friday, Sept. 8.

Bravery and triumph will be celebrated at 6 p.m. Friday in the Gluck Theater during the African Student Association’s presentation of "Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom: Nelson Mandela Remembered".

"I think the aim of the movie is to show the values that Mandela stood for," said Rawlings Akondi, the event coordinator of the African Student Association. "How can we now take his values at the time and apply them to contemporary America, contemporary Africa, and contemporary WVU? This man’s life ended a few years ago, but we are still trying to follow that same path."

The video adaption of Mandela’s autobiography details the life of the African revolutionary and president, Nelson Mandela. The story begins from his roots in a rural village, follows through his imprisonment and final achievements of leadership and triumph.

The ASA celebrates a variety of cultures in different regions of Africa, with the goal of spreading their message of inclusion and tolerance throughout the campus.

"Other than the movies, we’re going to have a potluck with African food, music and lots of socializing," said Renate Kwelle, treasurer of the African Student Association. "Not just Africans are invited, everyone is invited to come meet African culture."

The organization and its events are open to all students, not just those of African heritage. They strive to bring together a diverse community to provide support for those of all backgrounds.

"As African students, we are very inclusive," Akondi said. "It’s not just us from Africa, we welcome people from all of the parts of the world who think that they can contribute something to Africa. It’s not just about being from Africa, it’s about being passionate about promoting the values that we stand for."