What are you watching on Netflix this week?

If you haven’t already heard, Netflix’s original movie “Birdbox” is a global sensation.

It has received an insane number of streams, averaging around 26 million views within its first week available.

Through its first 10 days of availability, it averaged around 4 million views a day, topping records for Netflix. 

Besides its record-breaking debut, “Birdbox” is definitely one of Netflix’s best original movies in recent memory. Here are a few reasons to watch “Birdbox”; 

Cast Performances

The cast gives great performances, headlined by Sandra Bullock, along with John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, Pruitt Taylor Vince and BD Wong give solid performances.

It’s Thrilling

While the main antagonists aren’t exactly frightening, the concept of trying to navigate without seeing sets a different tone for the film. Throughout most of the film there is a sense of uneasiness that provides an on the edge-of-your-seat feeling that audiences expect when watching a thriller.

Social Buzz

Social media has been ablaze with talk of “Birdbox” so why not take some time this week to see what all the buzz is about?