It’s quite possible that the age of the Internet has made us more sensitive to these feelings of inferiority, but it’s also important to remember that for the better part of human history our outside forces of judgment have been those directly around us. These past forces of judgment still c…

At 4:02 a.m., the Summer Sixteen tour was announced in somewhat of a surprising fashion. The exciting news was delivered less than 24 hours after Drizzy dropped the artwork for his forthcoming and highly anticipated album titled "Views from the 6," which is set to drop Friday.

No one knows this phenomenon more than West Virginia University’s student radio station, U92. This year, the radio station decided to bring the diverse music scene together under one roof, and from there, Moose Fest was born.

The brand name Ivy Park is inspired by her daughter’s first name and a park Beyonce frequented as a kid. She explains in a two-minute commercial how vital the park has been to her throughout her life, as well as its importance to this day.

It chose members carefully to craft an all-male a cappella group with a repertoire of contemporary music. When the founding members began graduating from IU, they chose new members to establish the group on campus and continue the legacy of Straight No Chaser.